How many years of Wow can my build last me for?

Ryzen 5 3600 with a 2070 super, 16gb ram. I play in 1080p 144hz.

Ty :slight_smile:

At 1080p 144hz you’ll be fine for years. Probably 6-7 years if not more.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

It really depends on your demands and what future expansions have to offer. Creampuffs assumption is correct if you are willing to tone down graphic levels a level or three as the years go on.

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Can’t ever tell for sure

But my 2016 laptop, which is an i5-6300HQ, 16gb of RAM, and a 960m 4gb (about the same level as desktop 750ti), started life in Legion being able to play at around 5 or 6 at 1080p and 60fps.
It can still play SL at around a 3 fairly comfortably.

At very high settings with raytracing, probably 6+ years. I have a 2060 Super and can run WoW at 144 FPS using 1080p on high with raytracing in a lot of areas (mostly older).

Why not go 1440 with those specs?

Tyvm guys :slight_smile:

With a decent paying job, I build top end usually between every 4-6 years. Last build was in 2017 with a I7 8700K and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon so I may go another 3-4 years maybe

People aren’t going to write games where potatoes can’t run them. Or else they won’t sell games.

My old 6 year old laptop plays WoW at 1080p/60fps on Linux with dips to 50fps (no Gsync sadly). No idea what Windows looks like on it though.

Tested on my 5 year old laptop as well, runs fine but the biggest problem is I can’t stand to look at the 60hz display anymore.

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