How many servers would we have if

Servers with no queues literally started having queues over night.

The reason why was they removed layers and thereby lowered the number of concurrent logins.

This really really isn’t rocket science or even hobby story rocket science man.

They specifically said 1 layer would have approximately the same size as a vanilla server. We now have 1 layer per server, hence servers are now at roughly vanilla size. Maybe you just didn’t play on a high pop server in vanilla?

Yes while layering was in place servers held more.

Each layer though only held around vanilla levels. We are now at 1 layer per server.

Figure it out.

You’re a refail troll. Not hard to figure out. Your math is bad and your lies are worse.

Sans layering, have you heard of a server with 10k+ queues?

So basically you don’t understand basics concepts like how servers getting queues over night means they reduced concurrent logins. And that since the number of players per layer is roughly on par with vanilla and we are now down to 1 layer per realm that means we are now effectively at vanilla server levels?

Blizzard did layering to save money. It’s cheaper to stuff more people on one server then make multiple servers. Blizzard could merge servers when the population dies down just like they did before.

No, they really did not.
You should really do a wee bit of searching before posting something like that, someone that can actually post links and pull quotes will probably be along soon that will want to make you erase that.

Apparently you are making it so.

Vanilla was 2500 and ending at 3000 concurrent.
6700 on windseeker on a saturday primetime is just a couple more than 3000, and windseeker is not yet a high pop realm.

The queued servers, i think, are primarily the high pop PVP post honor release, and it does not surprise me they have queues, they probably have mass people waiting to log in to get honor.

In vanilla, i played on muradin, i dont remember what it was, i only had a queue on it occasionally, like when AQ40 opened etc.

Newman: How big is a single layer? What’s the end target you’re shooting for, for each server?

Hazzikostas: Each layer is effectively going to be what a healthy server was at launch in 2004 in terms of the number of people it holds.

You’re welcome.

/shrug I don’t know where you’re getting the 6700 number from, so meh?

The high pop pve servers had queues too when they removed layering(and still do occasionally) they just dropped off faster since wpvp has little value there.

For what?
You said how big a layer is
10 people here already said how big each layer was.
We already knew how big each layer was, we knew this before classic was open for launch when they discussed how the layering was going to work until they had the servers set up to singly take the entire load in a single instance, up to max capacity.

Ok now lets not be stupid hmm? really, lets not be ok?
This is like me telling you your pants are on fire and you saying Shrug, i dont know where you are getting fire from, while 10 foot flames roll up the side of your leg.

One usually gets numbers by counting, dont you suppose?

So if you know that each layer is approximately the size of a vanilla realm and all realms are now single layer why are you arguing that classic has more players than vanilla?

You realize they didn’t increase layer size when they removed layers? That’s why all realms that were layered suddenly got queues.

And players can’t count total number of players online at one time.

Yes you can, in a rough fashion, and i already said roughly

Which isn’t super helpful…

Now if you can find me a blue post saying the increased layer size when they removed layering?

They’ve stated this multiple times from project conception in interviews as well.

From the verbiage of the first paragraph it seems “[Blizzard] is not going to raise that cap any further.” That said, I’m not sure what “further” relates to due to ambiguity; it seems they are referring to the 2006 vanilla cap being raised further, but I’m not sure if there was information about it being risen before this post - thereby, we’ve raised it somewhat over vanilla but will raise it no further.

It seems to me they mean the servers have a vanilla cap.

Just playing on any of the servers and it is brutally apparent this seems inaccurate; I played on full servers in vanilla and outside of peak days/events it did not feel this consistently full to me.

Nevertheless, it seems further information from Blizzard on this would be welcome since I’ve seen conflicting info all over.

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You should probably start eating your own :poop: to save money

There is no source that states it’s bad for the health so you should do it


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If we used 2019 logic, every Vanilla server was dead.

I am on kromkrush horde, there were around 3000 alliance counted in the honor pool last week and around 5000 horde. That’s 8000 total, that’s almost triple what a vanilla server would have had.

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That’s way too simple, and therefore wrong. Servers are not capped and were not capped at 3000 total players ever. They were capped at 3000 players online at one time. An educated guess would put 3000 players online at peak times translating to around 10k-15k total players on a server. So roughly 150 servers(133-200 so I put it somewhere in the middle)

Once again, active players does not equate to concurrent users.

This is more recent than the source I quoted earlier and in no uncertain terms states server caps, as they relate to concurrent users, are increased, which also seems accurate from experience.

Thanks for the more current post!

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