How many of you Herod people

They’ve had an RP-PVP server from the onset and it’s still only at medium. No sense in opening a second one and splitting that community.

What they should do is make Grobbulus a unique Central time zone server and move it to Chicago (most ppl rolling there are east coast and central anyways), and then open up another EST PVP server once Stalagg gets some more population.

I honestly do not care what you do or do not buy. With one server it literally doesn’t matter what time zone it is in, as people from all the NA timezones will be on it. Nor will ping be an issue unless your ISP already sucks donkey balls.

Ya’ll need to split between stalaag and thalnos. Get better internet connections and brush up on your Portuguese first though.

This right here. By blizzards approach to opening new servers, there is not enough demand for RP-PVP to warrant them opening another at this point in time.

That would be an acceptable resolution to me. I was simply trying to opt for what I believe would impact the West Coasters the least.

Sounds like they will fix the overpopulation issues themselves then.

By having PVP on PVP servers? I thought that was the default.

Some people like PvP where actual fights happen. Non-stop ganking 24/7 will certainly scare away some people, or at least it did on pservers.

I hate to bring in lotr but to quote it

they are all attracted to this one realm. This one doom - Herod. All that get their character names fall into darkness. One does not simply abandon a realm where they got a name of their choice. There are gankers there that do not sleep. Not with 10000 will the server see the end of this.

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I don’t see what the problem is and why players want other players to move servers so much. If you roll on Herod, and want to continue to do so, then Blizzard has stated the risk of queue times. It’s up to the player if they want to stay and suffer the queue, or leave for a lower pop server. All of this reeks of Herod people trying to get other Herod people to leave.


Those people have instanced PVP. I prefer to be terrified for my life and being on edge 24/7. There is no greater rush.

IF blizzard gave us a several day notice that they would open a new PvP EST NA server, I would tell my guild to reroll.

However, since they most likely won’t and will inevitably wait until launch day to do so, I’ll gauge how much of a disaster Herod actually is and if it is truly that unplayable (2+ hour queue) I will give the order to reroll on the new server spun up on when Blizzard panics for new servers.

There is no real reason why they should wait, but its not my call, and anyone can see the writing on the wall.

Hell No! I’m happy that you guys got a RP PVP server! But that’s not my bag…

How about later today? lol

Already Gave the order for my guild to reroll skarem tonight at 9pm.

Sometimes lucky, ya know?

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You realize that more than 40% of the population polled on Grobbulus are east coast? That’s a majority, even if the server is technically “West Coast”. You should play there. It will be better than the other clown fiestas.

All of the EST servers ARE located in Chicago already… so, they’re really CST (not EST) servers to begin with.

call it chiraq

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i don’t but ur guild connects with merlin for some reason and the color green. strange

No, I shouldn’t play there.