How many charms do I need?

I have a lot of charms. A lot. I haven’t bought all the pets… not interesting in dropping 10k for the baubleworm, etc. That said, I’m hoping that something really cool will drop next xpac. I’m still collecting charms, but not sure if it’s worth it for my time now.
SO, if anyone has any insight on what will be available to spend charms on next xpac, I’d love to hear them.
If more pets are available – I’ll probably buy the pets, but am lukewarm on it if they’re going to be useless for battling. Most of the truly cool and useful battle pets that dropped this xpac and last have been drops from bosses that cost a fortune on the AH. Hopefully there will be some cool toys like Narcissa’s Mirror or a reusable pet enlargement ray or something like that.

If you’re still wild-catching, the ability to buy Marked Battle-stones to blue up tames after the fact is very liberating. No longer do you need to reject pet battles with a desirable capture just because it’s not spawning as a Rare.


I have hundreds of blue stones so that’s never a problem. Sometime I’ll upgrade green pets on the AH and sell them as blue for a profit.
I’m looking for any word on pets or items that cost in the neighborhood of 10k-30k charms that might be worth it.

Which are you thinking of here? According to Xu-Fu’s PvE rankings, the only notable battlers of DF have been:

  • Sophic Amalgamation from Enchanting, just for its speedy Sunlight,
  • Primal Stormling from the pre-patch event, apparently for Family+Speed+Call Lightning
  • Obsidian Warwhelp, from Time Rifts, for Family+Time Bomb+Armageddon
  • Baa’lial, from the Goblin event, for Murder the Innocent

On the PvP side, we have only Ichabod, a Twitch drop.

Nothing else from Dragonflight really rates.