How is the rp on here?

So I’m a WrA vet. Rp’ed my troll there since BC. But i’m growing very tired of the way the rp works over there. City rp gives me anxiety, and I tend to write multi-paragraph rp as well, which is pretty much frowned upon by everyone there except for a few (Please don’t hate.).

So I was curious as to how the rp was on this server :slight_smile:

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Greetings, Shaeti!

In my experience thus far on CC-SoE (now CC/SoE/BwR/SC), you’ll find a small, but close-knit RP community. Full disclosure - I am new to WoW RP, (but not new to WoW or RP in general) having started on this server back in April of this year.

You won’t find much for walk-up, but that doesn’t seem like it would be an issue for you. There is a regular rotation of weekly events for both factions, which I find provide plenty of opportunities for RP. There is usually something happening in the RP community most days of the week. I haven’t had any issues finding RP partners, either! Most folks are happy to RP if you just ask.

I think you’ll find there are folks here that RP in all sort of different styles. At least that’s what I’ve encountered in my experience. (Server veterans feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!) I tend toward paragraphs myself, so you’ll get no hate from me.

Additionally, be sure to check out the event and guild directories pinned to the top of the forum main page, and join the Discord server! I would say that’s where the bulk of our discussion happens.

So for now, welcome, and hope to see you around!

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Thank you!!

Always could use more troll rpers!

Welcome to the server! By all means, join the discord and say hi!

Not much walk up rp, mainly because there are scheduled events to go to nearly every day of the week. This might be changing as more new people start migrating here.

It’s kind of quiet right now because everyone is waiting for Shadowlands to drop and getting excited about it. There is a lot of chatter on the discord. Also, there are in-game chat channels like hordeooc on Horde side and allianceooc on Alliance side.

I usually find most people here are friendly and open, both sides. In fact, we often have alts in all the rp guilds, to stay in touch while in game.

Isn’t there? I know my friend who just came back to the game and is a big RPer was starting to do some Legion stuff and then out of the blue he could no longer do stuff with me and another friend because RP happened nearby and he ran off to do that instead. XD

Well, “not much” doesn’t mean “none at all”! And we like to hold events in many different locations, so they might have run into an event happening! Or sometimes you’ll just a random bard in the middle of Trade District sitting on the fountain playing her Musician addon for captive audiences… that weirdo. >_>