How is RP here?

Hello =). I’m wanting to move to a new RP server, and I’m wondering what RP is like here, and what it’s like being on a connected realm.

From the forums here it seems it’s doing good =)

It’s a bit slower than it could be, with the end-of-expansion doldrums, but there’s still some decent RP here, aye.

Even with the recent merger, we don’t have a lot of walk-up RP, but we have a good community based around our OOC channels ( /HordeOOC and /AllianceOOC) and some sort of open event nearly every night of the week for people to meet and get to know each other. (See the Event List pinned on the forum)

You don’t need to be in an RP guild to join in, as the OOC channels tend to serve as a meta-community binding us all together even before Blizzard introduced their communities. We also have a very active Discord community ( ) Most of the RP I’m involved with involves multiple guilds, and people regularly join multiple guilds on different characters.

Our peak hours tend to be in the evening, around 7pm server (MDT) and later as Cenarion Circle was previously a Pacific timezone, but there’s plenty of folks like me who are more Easterly playing as well.

My recommendation to anyone looking into our server cluster is to roll up a new toon, join the OOC channels, and say hi to the folks and see how active we are during your preferred played times. We’re happy to port lowbies to the scheduled RP events if you can’t reach them on your own.

We’re still figuring out how things are going to shake out with the new realm mergers, but my experience so far is that people from both sides have been friendly and excited to meet new folks.

Hope this helps! :smiley:


Well, it all really depends on what you’re looking for. AAMS, Bards of the Lion, and Stormwind Watch are all guilds who do events weekly, pretty great people. Not too much walk ups are initiated, but that’s just different RP styles I suppose.

I will add that for the Shadowlands Pre-Patch, we are doing class events every other day as posted by Maxla in the Shadowlands Class Event Series, for the lead-in. Tonight, we have the DK event, hosted by me. So, we’re certainly getting geared up for more RP daily.

Horde side I wouldn’t know much about, but I assume they’re just as active as Alliance side is.

Welcome to our server forum though!

I went through with it and I am 100% happy with my decision!


Hello, Aleyandria!

Like the others have said, it depends on what you are looking for in an RP community. There isn’t much for walk-up, but personally, I haven’t had a problem finding RP of some kind happening pretty much every day of the week.

I’m fairly new to these connected realms - I started roleplaying on Cenarion Circle-Sisters of Elune in April. So far everyone has been super welcoming and helpful, and I’ve made some wonderful RP friends while here. So while you might not see much walk-up, it definitely makes up for itself in the friendliness of the community.

I second Derscha - roll up an alt and come check it out! We’ll be having our weekly Introduction to Roleplaying meet-and-greet in Orgrimmar this evening, which would be a great way to meet folks and ask any questions you might have. Details linked below!

Hope to see you around!