How is Ret mobility this bad?

Just started playing Shadowland’s two weeks ago.

How is Ret mobility this bad??? A single Divine Steed on a 1 min cooldown?? Are you f****** kidding me? No run speed increase??? Why the F*** was Pursuit of Justice taken away??? Paladins have never been good, why are we constantly nerfed??? Paladins were good for the first month of WotLK and were instantly nerfed. And then Exorcism was disabled during live gameplay, I was there, you pressed Exorcism and it did nothing. Has that ever happened to any other class??

Tell me Blizzard hates Paladins without saying Blizzard hates Paladins.
And Shamans.

How are you this incompetent Blizzard?


I hear you, but they did make up for it with rets burst that’s beyond ridiculous once setup.


I had the same feeling when I logged in after Legion pre-patch hit. I miss the old speed increases and mid range combat as well. I’d rather give away the burst and to get the pre-Legion gameplay back. WoD was the most fun iteration of the spec in my opinion.


You think its bad now, wait until after Shadowlands and we lose the Divine Steed duration increase from soulbinds, this class is hell.


Strong healing and burst dps, the trade off is mobility.

Not always the best case depending on certain encounters and pvp comps but you can’t be perfect at everything

You wear plate, have off-healing and high damage, 3 bubbles that you can pop CDs and nuke in. Also there is a BoF talent that makes it undispellable and gives an ally a freedom. You can’t have it all lmao.


I want a glyph to change the steed into a wheelchair… I would probably main a paladin at that point to wreck folks in randoms from the seat of one.


You have a turbo/ trike. I know that is not the same.
Might want to put this idea Coumity Councils forum, or at least your own thread.
Good luck to ya…

Beware the living

Seriously tho… at least divine wheelchair lasts a tad longer now than it did in BFA.

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Typically when we ask for old mobility back we’d be fine with what we had in the past concerning our kit compared to what we have now. I’d trade for it willingly.


No their burst isnt ridiculous. It’s low than several other classes currently, making rets sort of useless.

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Plate is meaningless now, theres like 1 or 2 abilities in the entire expasion that are affected by armour. Our off healing is basically just LoH, WoG is currently awful, and several other specs have much better off healing. We certainly dont have high damage. We have 1 bubble, BoP and a minor absorb.


Agree. Decided to make a Paladin… Should’ve made a hunter or warrior realizing how bad I’m getting rolled.


Couldn’t agree more… it’s literally so infuriating trying to catch up to a hunter/druid in pvp. Divine steed needs to be on a 30 sec CD timer

A lot of classes have better burst, and every other spec in the game has better sustain


I just wanna add that YES we do have bubbles, on 3mnt+ CD’s…that can also be dispelled/shatter : /

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Yeah if we had it all we would be called Druid

Think of us like a bulldozer, slow and strong, we need to play with a class that can hold things down for us so we can crush them.