How is Legion legacy soloing now?

Just curious. Damage mitigation wasn’t bad, but the attack damage was…. Well, lets say cutting down an oak tree with a butter knife. Has this changed at all? Can we do Heroic/Mythic raids without much issue? Like how we could do legacy before the squish?

I carried my daughter through mythic Nighthold 2 days ago. She was level 52 DH and on my Rey paladin the Botanist boss was the only death she had. It was a longer than normal fight but I was healing in between dps. For ele and guldan though my wife came on her bloodDK just in case but hindsight I think a ret could solo it all. Or go Prot if you have any issues. I have not yet tried Antorus but as long as the knock back mechanic is gone I’d hope it’s g2g

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Ret can easily solo Nighthold, especially now with current gear levels. Antorus its not possible with certain bosses.


Thanks! Nighthold and ToS is where I am looking to farm. Last time I tried the 2nd boss it bugged out. Ill start giving them a shot

I wasn’t able to do mythic avatar before the patch, after the patch I got him and M KJ. I only did antorus on normal so idk, uldir got normal vectis and zul down but mythrax is a long way away - a pet class might be able to do it tho.

Easily no. Krosus and Gul’dan/Illidan are DPS and mechanic checks that CAN be soloed but aren’t really easy to.

I just did Tomb of Sargeras on my pally and took zero dmg. The fights were long because I also do no damage, but it was easy.

With current gear they’re very easy to solo.

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With good gear you can solo all the raid bosses in Legion (even on mythic), and some in BfA too!