How is Horde raiding on Arugal?

Hi friends,

I’ve recently got a new job back in an Australian timezone that I start in two weeks, and am looking at what Oceanic server to transfer my US-based toons to.

I’ve recently resubbed in anticipation for WotLK and am looking for a decent server with some semi-hardcore semi-casual fun-first but still serious PvE guilds. Preferably also a server where I can find some Heroic and Raid pug spots without too much hair wrenching.

Is there a decent amount of PvE traffic on Arugal, or are most players just focused on PvP? What’s the culture like on Horde, are most people young or mature, focused on fun or hyper-competitive, etc? Trying to make the right decision before committing a bit of money and a bunch of time into a realm I don’t really jell with.