How is horde on this server ?

I was curious how is horde doing on this server ?
I know they're constantly kicking our butts in PvP, not sure on the PvE awesome guild side of things.
I'd say it's pretty busy and friendly. I've had a ton of positive interactions with other hordies out in the world in Zandalar so I think it's good
Silverhand / Thoriumbrotherhood / Farstriders are mostly a really helpful bunch of positive people. It isn't a big server, we don't really tolerate spam, and our trolls give up easily. We definitely have room for someone with energy to get more things going :)
Is there a decent amount of RP on these servers?

I have newbie (below level 20) Tauran and Blood Elf Characters. The guild finder doesn’t work, and there is nobody in sight 99% of the time. The other 1% I always say hello, but I’ve never seen an answer.

If you’re a new player like me, despite it being a “high” population server, the chances of actually talking to anyone seem zero right now. I’ve not been to the horde capital yet - only the Elven and Tauran cities. Maybe there are actually people who act like humans there.

The famous RP servers are constantly full (like the unofficial RP server for FFXIV). I given up on RP or other human interaction and simply play the game as a solo experience.

Im here, so its lit

No. You’d be better served looking at a different server set.