How is a battlegroup so dead that

The 3rd most recent post is over 2 months old. This is multiple servers grouped together and still its dead. No guilds progressing mythic, no activity… can we get some free server transfers please???

Well the server is low population yes there are still some guilds progressing Mythic…on Horde. Sadly this is the fate of some servers and blizzard will not probably allow free transfer off they will just merge some other dead servers into this one. So if ya want to transfer either reroll (as now is a good time with the XP buff), pay, or just go on with your life and accept it on a smaller server.

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Lmao, yeah, I’m on Alterac Mountains and it’s completely dead. Have had all my toons on AM since BC. I main a 120 Human Warrior as well but all my other toons are Horde on the same realm. Auction House is dead. I really don’t want to pay for a transfer so I just accept it. I make gold with raw gold methods instead of the AH. Sucks though man, feels like I’m watching I Am Legend when I’m playing on this server.