How far up to date can be soloed for TM at this point?

Im curious with all the changes, how far can we reasonably expect to solo for TM at this point?
Anyone know where that line is drawn currently after all the scaling issues and such?

For Legion,
Mythic The Emerald Nightmare and The Night Hold easily.
Mythic Tomb of Sargeras all minus the last boss, Kil’Jaeden. Kil’Jaden will take some practice on Mythic difficulty.
Heroic Antorus easily.
Mythic Anotorus will probably need a fast enough class for the Eonar ship.

For BFA,
Tried doing Mythrax in Uldir on LFR difficulty and that was a no go. I don’t think BFA raids have been adjusted yet.

I did this on a DK and Hunter.

I haven’t tried Antorus but everything else from legion is easily soloable on mythic. I attempted Battle of Dazalor but the first boss just kept healing to full so I gave up. I was able to solo Taloc, Mother, and Zek on mythic Uldir as a feral druid ~390 ilvl. It was kind slow though.

I solo M Antorus on my Blood DK every week since Dragonflight launch. Once you know the path and timing, Eonar’s ship is soloable by EVERY class.

I need to try doing BFA sometime. Just for fun, and because I want the red boots I did Castle Nathria on normal. I can do the first two bosses fine, Hungering eventually got me, although that’s been a while ago and I’m better geared now. Might give it another go just for fun.

For what its worth those boots also drop off one of the world bosses. Its either the one in Revendeth or Bastion, I forget which.