How exactly will Season 4 end? It was way different in Original Wrath

Any update on the details of the Season 4 ending? In original Wrath, basically only the queues closed - you still had rating and could spend whatever Arena points you had, but your team was automatically quit at level 71. Brutal Gladiator gear kept its rating requirement (to keep it “special”) and nothing really got more discounted than it is right now.

However, seeing as there are no Arena teams in Wrath Classic - and no rating to track - how will this work? Will we still be able to purchase Brutal items if we qualified? Will our Arena points convert to honor like in previous seasons?

There are lots of people who are actively stockpiling Arena points to turn it into Honor in Wrath, but their expectations may be incorrect. It would be a good idea to help set or correct those expectations as soon as possible.


Hmm. Yeah.

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bump since today is the day we’re supposed to be getting the end of season 4 notice… (for 8/30 prepatch)


how optimistic!


Bump, I would like to know as well, though I do have a feeling we won’t get any notification.

have you seen a blue post?
no right?

Tomorrow would be the 2 week notice if there is one, assuming 4 week prepatch. Imo no notice give us 6 week prepatch lol

since pre-patch was announced for august 30th, today is the final day to give us 2 weeks notice for end-of-season.

unless we’re getting a week or more of pre-patch rated arenas?

I think it’s highly unlikely S4 continues into pre-patch. The new talents and abilities changes would greatly affect arena balance which affects titles and mounts.

As for arena/honor points and gear, it seems likely to me that it’s going to work the same as previous seasons of TBCC. Rating requirements are removed, S4 gear will be available for arena points at a discounts, S3 gear will be available for honor.

Edit: Nevermind I’m wrong. See here: Burning Crusade Classic Season 4 Ends August 29

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