How exactly can I unlock BfA world quests on alts now?

I’m super confused. I’ve established a foothold in all 3 zones, went to Vol’Dun and established there too. When I search google I get people saying “Just talk to the guy on the boat LOL” but I have no more quests available on the boat to do.

Is it because my main is on a different server or something?

For fresh 50s i have to take the portal to Boralus from the portal room and then talk to the guy on the boat to unlock wq and to get the whistle, no more quests after that.

AFAIK, you only need to hit lvl 50 and establish foothold in all 3 HORDE ZONE. The alliance zone actually doesn’t matter.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m running through the same headache and lack of information online.
I have an alt on a different server from my main character who’s unlocked everything, however for some reason I just don’t get the option. I can start the BFA campaign just fine but the boat dude doesn’t have anything.

  • Edit - I got it! You need to finish the quest to go see Magni in silithus, then get your neck. Then the quest shows up on the boat

I leveled 10-50 in WoD, how exactly do you do the footholds to open up the other faction’s continent? I did the Magni quests and got neck. Did the Nazjatar one too. Still have no quests to get footholds and Tattersail doesn’t have options for any of the zones.

Edit: Ahhhh I see, have to at least pick 1 zone to quest in and then the War Campaign pops up at Nathanos.