How does ignore work?

If you ignore someone, it ignores all of the characters on their account, right?

No it does not.

Ignore will only work for a single character. You would have to ignore the battle tag to block everything on their account.

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Block in the app is ok if you know their battle tag but, for actual use impractical because, why would we have/know the battle tag of the people we want to block. That’s only useful in a situation you had them on your friends list and ghosted them. They need to add a feature LIKE the drop down option “add friend by battle tag” ONLY, make it BLOCK THIS BATTLE TAG ACCOUNT. Much more feasible in the long run. Blizzard wouldn’t have to show the ID even just the character they blocked in the block list window.

sometimes i had a feeling it somehow blocked whole account, but it might be a bug. Character wasn’t in ignore list but i didn’t saw any messages from that player