How does Ebon Might work?

Does it update in real time as my mastery increases or does it take a snapshot of my mastery when its cast?

Edit to not misinform:

It was changed from ptr to live and the primary stat buff updates every second.

Mastery is snapshot at cast.

Mastery is basically snapshot on cast since the duration isn’t going to fluctuate outside of its normal countdown. The primary stat buff updates every second.

Name             : Ebon Might (desc=Black) (id=395296) [Spell Family (224)] 
Effects          :
#2 (id=1055269)  : Apply Aura (6) | Periodic Dummy (226): every 1 seconds
                   Base Value: 0 | Scaled Value: 0 | PvP Coefficient: 1.00000 | Target: Self (1)

It seems weird that every conversation and guide/ theorycrafter has stuck with server heartbeat the whole time Aug has been a thing from ptr until now, if it’s actually updating every second. The closest I could find was just a nebulous “updates every few seconds” in Saeldur’s guide.

I can’t find any evidence of it in the change log, but that spell info pane is hard to argue with and news to me if it’s accurate. Granted, for as excited as I was for Aug, I got immediately bored with it so I haven’t stayed as current ig.

I also didn’t realize the context of the question was around duration effects of mastery, so I suppose it’s not relevant to this post anyways, lol.

According to the evoker discord, it was an unannounced change going from ptr to live

Haha that’s strange but I suppose it doesn’t really change how it plays whatsoever for 99.9% of players, though it does sort of remove some min/max potential but that’s minute.