How do you take your coffee or tea?

Coffee: I like the fu-fu coffee so bring on the flavored creamers and sweeteners.

Tea: It depends are we talking about ice tea? If it is ice tea then I like it sweet or I will take sweet with lemon. If it is hot it really depends on the tea. I still would like it sweet but sometimes I will add a bit of milk. If the tea is a very light flavor the milk makes it too bland but adding milk to a stronger flavored tea creates a mild flavor that can be very lovely.

You’ve got gall, you’ve got guile.

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With as much sugar and cream as possible.

And Diabetes.

Daily morning coffee with non-dairy creamer and sugar.

coffee and jack daniels = yummy

I don’t drink coffee. As for tea, I mainly drink Pure Leaf’s Extra Sweet-- it’s best described as sugar with a side of tea.

I normally drink pop to get my caffine, but I’ve had to slow down on it recently. It was starting to screw with my body and I didn’t like I got a headache if I didn’t drink pop for a few days.

Too sweet to be sour to nice to be mean.


Little bit of cream, little bit of sugar
Thanks for reminding me I have a cup of tea I need to check :smiley:

Pure Leaf’s bottles spill tea all over the place! Dang it!



At first I thought you were asking if we took it orally or …

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I drink Rooibos tea with honey in it. Love it.

you supply the creamer bovine, and i’ll supply the sugar… Mooooo!

Owing to a long-ago chem lab accident, I am unable to distinguish good coffee from bad coffee. So I drink cheap-O instant coffee at home. I add Splenda before the hot water, and a bit of almond milk after.

Again, those with fully functional taste buds would probably find that somewhere between awful and disgusting. But it works for me.

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Coffee- Black
Tea - A touch of milk and some honey.

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Like my lovers-

From a third world country and at a reasonable price.


Coffee with a bit of “Half and Half.”
Tea would be iced with stevia.

Coffee - Black
What is tea?