How do you submit a ticket now?

I need to contact customer support to change some account info. It insists on texting me… which would be fine, but I don’t have that phone number anymore. So to help, it texts me ON THAT PHONE NUMBER.
How the heck do you submit a ticket for support these days?

Probably ask the support forum, this is a random obscure Roleplay Realm server, and I doubt we can be of assistance!

You can go to the support page on, go into the account area, and request to update your phone number. If you can’t log in, you can submit a ticket through that area to update your phone number.

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With attitudes like this, we may never be upgraded to the support forum.


Wait. There’s a support forum and it could end up being put here on WrA? Inconceivable! But, let me try anyway.

“Ahem. Hello. Hrode chair support hotline. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. How may I help you?”

Oops. I memorized the wrong customer service script. Sorry y’all.