How do you make conditional macros?

I would like to make a one button macro for Fire Breath that casts FB normally, unless I am in Dragonrage. Then I would like the macro to Tip>Fire Breath.

I’ve been marco’ing Tip with Dragonrage, but because one is on the GCD and the other isn’t, sometimes I don’t get them both off and have to double tap.

Additionally, can I make a macro for Azure Striking Grounding Totem? Or can macros not hit totems and I just need to get an add-on to give Grounding a unique Healthbar? (I’ve noticed Venruki somehow has enlarged purple health bars for Grounding Totems on his stream.)

ur about a week to late on the cheating bandwagon


Hey uh this is what they just fixed. You’re not supposed to be able to make conditions with macros. Also you haven’t been able to target totems with macros since wotlk. It’s by design because anything with a pet could just macro /petattack and then the name of every shaman totem to every ability and instantly send pet/kill totems with it.

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well ok then I guess I’ll just litter my key binds up even more with two Fire Breaths

If space is the problem i’m pretty sure modifier macros still work. But if you wanted a cheater macro shame on you.

What’s a modifier macro

Pretty much if you press it normally you cast the spell but then you can add in a shift modifier so when you shift press that button it casts a different spell. So you could have the normal version be to cast fire breath, then the shift version to cast tip fire breath.

Seeing some low-inform stuff here;

A.) /castsequence reset=target/combat Tip the Scales, Dragonrage

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to re-use Tip twice; this just resets the macro so that once it does come off cooldown you will be able to use it again.

Not terribly familiar with evoker abilities–I rarely touch the class-- but this may work a little better:
/castsequence reset=120 Tip the Scales, Dragonrage

Second one is likely smoother, but if you use Tip and then manage to nab a cooldown reducer–like in Valley–you’re hosed and still will have to wait for the 120 second cooldown anyway.

Caveat emptor.

B.) You may not be able to target totems, but you CAN make them your focus and use an [@focus,harm,exists] conditional and set that up in your DPS macro. You can set up WeakAuras to whistle and ring bells whenever the enemy team has some ability buff–such as a totem being put down.

Its not the /castsequence macros that were doing the kickbotting/cheating; in reality, it was the CVar scripts all along that allowed the macros to do it–a nasty bit of scripting that has gone under the radar for years.

With CVars, a cheater can do all kinds of stuff, such as:

-A hunter being able to Disengage forward
-Changing your graphic settings to see stealthed people
-Do that “check for this, and if its true, do that, else do something else lines.”
-And tons more…

See old YouTube videos for what this looked like (they are older & therefore, unable to do a lot of this now; like I said, Blizzard finally got wise and cracked down on these scripts).

But some CVars are innocuous, such as (re)setting your camera angle and distance.

After the kickbotting hype, I tried to run some rather harmless CVars in one of my macros (there are all kinds), and you would be happy to know that they’e clamped down on CVars (was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past time; they should have done this years ago); any player who tries to backdoor cheat now will have have all kinds of bells and whistles going off on their UI.

A conditional is something much more basic; it only tells you when you can do a macro code–and/or to who you can do it to.

-/cast [combat] someabilityhere

Will cast that spell ONLY in combat

-/cast [@target,harm,exists] Penance; [] [@target,help,exists] Penance

A macro with conditionals that Discs live and die for.

Hope you can see the difference.




Totem stomping macros were dumb but it existed in a time where the game might as well have been a different game. Totems functioned entirely differently.

With the interactions and tools we have today, I don’t think being able to macro target totems would be that big of a deal anymore. Especially with everything that clutters the screen now.

If I’m recalling correctly, you can macro target/action on things like observer and tyrant. Seems a little inconsistent to not be able to do it to totems.

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Like this for example. Totem stomping doesn’t exist in its original fashion, but with all the tools available you can still very easily “stomp” a totem within a second of it being placed. Just makes the whole point of removing the ability to /target totems moot.

Reliably killing skyfury, ground and cap within a global would be noticed by most shaman players.



As a former resto shaman main, this is a thing in higher levels of play. Having said that, it was kind of deserved with Bastion Eles last expac, where your entire team could get 100-0’d.

Soooooo… why not just macro dragon rage and tip together.
/cast tip the scales
/cast dragonrage
Now firebreath is only one key beybind, and empowered dragon rage is only one as well. Shouldn’t change the order of your key press

That’s exactly what I’d been doing, but because one’s on the GcD sometimes I was getting Tip Off without knowing Dragonrage didn’t go off :confused:

Yeah, that happens with cd macros if you press it faster than gcd has cycled. I have that probelm with fireblast macros on my fire mage. Just stay disciplined in hitting it on time with gcd, or making sure you saw/heard dragonrage.

This is what I’ve been telling people forever, but they somehow think autohotkey is a massive evil allowing all this.

The truth is, without those in-game Cvar scripts, Autohotkey would be nothing more than a way to reduce your keybind bloat by letting you cast two or three spells with 1 button. The global cooldown would still be there.

Autohotkey was nothing more than a way to circumvent the restrictions on castsequence macros. Even though it is technically considered cheating, I do not think it is gamebreaking. It’s not automating anything. And you aren’t going to suddenly go from 1600 rating to 2000 + rating from using it. You might gain 100 or 200 rating at most from it. Oh… and people have been doing the same thing with their MMORPG mouse for decades. Only difference is autohotkey has a much easier interface to use and you don’t have to worry about your macro disappearing if your mouse breaks.

I have to admit, when I was playing my mistweaver monk, I used authotkey to reduce all those sub 15 second instant spells into one keybind. It reduced my button bloat by 3 or 4 keys. I don’t play that monk anymore and the warlock I’m currently playing doesn’t need anything like authotkey.

Blizzard needs to reduce the restrictions on castsequence macros so players can reduce their button bloat. Obviously don’t get rid of global cooldowns though.

According to the video I saw, they set it up so they always insta-use their procs and don’t waste them, and they don’t need to take a moment to realize that they have a proc. By doing so, their DPS skyrockets. You can’t do that with normal castsequence macros.

Oh, and they just hold one key down and their setup does the rest. That’s automating stuff.

With castsequence macros, you at least need to hit the button again to cast the next spell.

Yea, but that is because of the in-game scripts that Blizzard allows with its macros and addons. If Blizz nerfed those, then authotkey would not be doing anything other than combining a few keys to a single keybind. It would not know anything about procs let alone how to time them perfectly. That would still be a player skill thing.

So again, nerf addons and their underlying scripts and none of this would be an issue. And it would force Blizzard to work on their pathetic standard user interface so we know what the heck is going with all those procs in combat. Or they’d reduce the procs completely from combat.

No, it’s the instant timing from the keystroke software.

0.00 seconds: Cast the first spell. If there’s a proc, it’s instant.
0.01 seconds: Stopcasting and cast the second spell. If the first spell wasn’t instant with a proc, then the second spell gets used.

Thus, you cast one spell if there’s a proc and another spell if there’s no proc. No procs are ever wasted and you insta-use them without having to realize you got a random proc. Your DPS skyrockets.