How do you heal in a raid?

Probably sounds pretty dumb, but how do you heal in a raid as a healer? Ive never healed in a raid before and was thinking of trying it out… Do you discuss with another healer who you heal? Do you have people you focus to heal? Or is it just random heal everyone?

I’m not a healer, but from what I know and have read, it very much depends what kind of raid, what your class’s strengths are, and what other healers you have.

If it is an organised raid, where you go in with a guild or like that, then obviously you can discuss it with your fellow healers in advance.

If it’s LFR … well, just hit whatever buttons on whatever nameplates, I assume. :rofl:

If it’s something like a Group Finder/PuG Normal, I’d be inclined to look at the other healers and suggest something. As a Mistweaver, I’d kind of expect you to focus on the tank (and maybe a couple of melee, depending on the encounter?) primarily, and leave AoE healing to classes better equipped for it.

But what do I know, since I’m not a healer. :smiley:


I am a healer, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve done any of the hard content. For easier content, I wouldn’t expect to see much planning or coordination, just everyone healing what they see needs healing. Organized groups will have their own preferences on how they handle healing. They may want to do assignments for newer/harder content and just yolo the farm stuff.

Working out assignments for when to use cooldowns is pretty common in any content that’s not trivial when there are known big damage spikes coming.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any attempts to plan healing in LFR.

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In LFR, just heal whatever. In normal, mostly heal whatever, but when there’s a mechanic that splits the group make sure you follow/heal the group you’re assigned with. In heroic and above, there is generally a bit more coordination.

Its whack-a-mole. Even if you have to split groups for a fight. Go to your assigned group area, and keep playing whack-a-mole.

Hi, so Gannie‘s tip was not to bad already but i like to clearly a few things:

Mistweaver is not a healer that in raid does a lot of single target healing. MWs strength is to spread a lot of small hot‘s (healing over time) on the raid an use vivify to give everyone with a hot a small heal which in the end add up to a quite a large amount of healing overall.

For this you mostly use renewing mist, essence font, yulon and vivify. But for more in deph knowledge you should check out a guide for your class.

But back to the general question:

The most important thing is that the default blizzard UI is nit very handy for healers in general. Takeing players into target first to cast a heal on them is very clunky. Most healers use mouseover healing where you just place your cursor above the healthbar of a specific player in your raidframes and then press the healing spell you want to cast on them.

You can accomplish this by using the addon clique for example. Also most likely you want to replace the default wow radeframes with something more customisable line grid2y