How do you get to Dreanor in 2019

Okay, wrong category I know but dang it why have them anyways? I just want to know why the internet is not very helpful in finding out how to get to Draenor

In SW, the mage tower has portal to most expansions. Draenor would be south hall, left side, if you’re facing portal to Boralus. Also if you did any part of the garrison, the heartstone should still work.

And finally, in MoP there’s an odd portal that takes you to near iron docks. If you go to Timeless isle, in the south of the frog area and just north of a ship, go underwater. There’s a cave that leads to a room with no mob, bunch of chairs, and an odd blue campfire. Sit on one of the chair and click on the fire.

Lastly, a mage portal if you can find mage not busy and not afk.