How do you counter divine shield?

Just wondering tactics wise, what would be better to do when a paladin pops bubble? Can it be arcane torrent? or can a class dispel it?

Mass dispel from priest.

run around like a chicken with your head cut off while the pally drops his giant load into your mouth and you can’t do anything about it :slight_smile:


You can only remove the bop with belf, the divine shield would be immune. Only Mass Dispel would remove it.

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Looks like Shattering Throw is back on the menu boys


just line it lol


This question seems like it’s coming from a POV where he’s bursting on you while it’s up. If so just turtle shell and /fart. When it’s over trap him, get max distance, and heal up/enter camo to top off. If he trinkets the trap immediately stun and kill him.

This is a completely viable option as well.


If we’re complaining about bubble at this point we’ll just complain about anything.

Why do droods even have forms. Why do rogues get to use weapons. Why do shamans exist?


Holy pally meta best meta.

just run.

An immunity from everything should only have counters from itself (range and los namely)

TY everyone for the tips, was just having a hard time dealing with them on my rogue, I now understand what to do.

have a priest or wait for shadowlands and have a warrior. if you cant meet any of these qualifications you can stare at him really mean while hes in bubble and scare him into canceling it early

There is a reason this spec is called :wheelchair:

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I don’t think anyone is complaining

just looks like a fresh pvper trying to ask a genuine question about how the game works

If this is from rogue pov there’s a few other things you can do, but all of them are basically run. Before that, you want to expect when divine shield will come up and get ready to prekite/run.

If you’re playing sub, you can duel divine shield to lock yourself in a 1v0 if you’re the kill target for a clean restealth. Otherwise, save sprint, shadowstep, or trinket/vanish. If you get caught w/o trinket in an avenging wrath window, you dead.

Switch to his partner and control him/ attack and wait for bubble to fall off. Then swap back.

switch targets and when bubble drops switch back

Just klepto it off 4head

existential crisis

Warrior gets shattering throw in shadowlands.