How do i use controller as mouse (no ConsolePort addon)

I don’t like consoleport overall. Neat Idea, but it always causes issues and changes too much for me (but cool if you like it, I’m not one of those types of people).

My main question is without consoleport, how can I set up my controller to become a mouse so I can click on things (like bag/inventory, text box & quest rewards primarily)?

Thank you

I did not test this…

type this command into the chat: “/Console GamePadEnable 1“

Then open menu and find key binding.

Last time … with my MS flight stick… Long ago.
Have fun … Good luck.

And yes… I did not think the Addon was within the tos … Auto attacking…etc.

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Ok, I got that figured out, but now I have another problem.

My CTRL (LB xbox controller/L1 PS controller/keyboard as well) doesn’t work! It shows the icon I want to use, but it doesn’t use the action regardless of me pushing it on the keyboard + mouse or controller button combo.

I have tried re-binding then clearing all possible CTRL+_ combinations in the KeyBinding section of the menu, and thoroughly checked my macro, and I don’t see anything wrong. I even made the most basic of macros:
/use [mod:ctrl] Roll the bones
and this pulls the correct icon, but doesn’t use the skill.

And yet the real wierd part is the CTRL button DOES work on my XBOX button (I have LB+Xbox and LB+LT+Xbox pull up different panes, and those all pull correctly)

Further testing allowed me to bind LB

Can you help?

The addon must set other settings, or there is a limit to the number of keys you are able to use.
Mine… I had buttons on my flight stick that would not use or changed others based on what key I bound to use.
That is why I never kept using the Addon.

Maybe install the Addon then remove the addon after it auto populates the key binding.


So I bound BOTH (button) plus (LB + button) and it works perfectly.
All my LB attacks work,
All my LT attacks work
All my LB+LT attacks work
and all my base attacks work. Go figure.

Thank you for the help!

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