How do I unlock the Suramar Zone

So I am level 43 in the Broken Isles camapign and would like to play through the Surama zone but can’t find the quest to unlock the zone. Any ideas on what I need to do?

Greetings if I recall you will need to pick an outlying invasion point first (Azsuna, stormheim, highmountain, Val…) after completing a short quest chain you get the option to scout for a second invasion point. you should have the option then to start in the Suramar zone.

*(I did the broken isles start a few weeks ago, while also relearning the game after a 10 year break … so there was a lot going on all at once. ) but as far as i can remember thats all i needed to get started in that zone.

I picked Stormheim to start. Did a few quests. I do have the option for a second invasion point, but Suramar isnt one of them. When the expansion came out, we had to be max level to get into Suramar. I am just not sure what Bliz considers Max Level to get into Suramar now.
Edit: I am level 43 right now. I am wondering if it has to do with level.

Edit #2: I just hit level 45 and Khadgar gave me the starting quest in Suramar.

Suramar used to be a max-level Legion zone before the squish and then Chromie time changed everything. It makes sense in context that it now needs 45 (which is what the original Legion max level squished down to) but it does seem a bit arbitrary now without the background.

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I know that Suramar doesnt show up as a zone to pick on the Invasion map. But, there needs to be a more logical way to access teh zone. suramar shoudl probably be grouped with the other 4 zones as a choice.

I don’t know if it’s still behind a rep grind…but for Alliance–back in the day we needed to hit Exalted with the 4 main reps of Legion…which pretty much just meant quest to completion in their zones and world quests.

Then we’d get the quest to start Suramar from Khadgar.