How do I start "the first assault"

Hi everyone.
I’m a returning to this game after many years (dropped the game by the end of WoD).
I really want to unlock mag’har orcs, so I’m pushing the ready for war achivement, but I’m stucked in the first assault part. I’m supposed to speak with Nathanos, but he doesn’t give me the quest.
I’d really like to unlock mak’har orcs while the disscounts for race change are still aviable.
Please help

It looks like you must acquire your Heart of Azeroth first before Nathanos will give you the quest to start The First Assault.

You’ll want to pick up the quest A Dying World (linked below) from the Earthen Guardian in Dazar’alor. After you obtain the Heart, Nathanos should offer you the quest you’re after.

Be sure to have Trivial Quest tracking turned on on your minimap and it’ll be a lot easier to find.


Iwill try that

I have completed all of the requirements to get this quest to pop up, including getting the heart and multiple missions after it in that quest line. I have Zandalar forever and the final seal cleaned up, friendly with the three necessary factions, the three footholds secured, lvl 50 toon, ect… I am still unable to start the first assault. Anyone have any recommendations here in Dragonflight?

It would be nice if wow added brief quest prerequisites in the menu or on the quest giver to let players know what they are missing to continue a line of achievements. it sounds like quite a project, though.


Some of the War Campaign quests are now requiring level 60 with Dragonflight and the rescaling of BfA. So, if you’ve got the footholds, Heart of Azeroth, and world quests unlocked but are below 60, that’s most likely what is blocking you.

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Thank you. I will test that theory and grab a few more lvls. My toon is 57 now.


Nathanos doesn’t have the quest for me. I have the heart (lvl 107), toon is 62, trival quest tracking is on, finished Zandalar Forever, final seal done, footholds show as done in the achievement window. Trying to get BFA flying requirements done and need the quest from Nat.
Thanks for any help. Toon is a 62 horde pally.

The achievement for the footholds will show as complete even if you did them on another character, so make sure you’ve done them on the character in question. (When you talk to Tattersail, she should have options for travel to all 3 zones, none of which are showing up as “quest.”

Are you seeing any quests on the boat? With the exception of the ones that lead into dungeons (or Naz’jatar) most of what comes up on the boat is needed for the War Campaign.

When I talk to Tattersail, it shows the chance to sail to all 3 footholds but none of them are marked with (quest). I don’t see any quests on the weather deck or below where the fat goblin is.

Make sure you’ve got trivial quests turned on and check the map on the enemy continent to see if you already started one of the next bits.

I’ve also seen some people have phasing issues on the boat if they’ve started but not completed the M.O.T.H.E.R quests from Magni. (It’s very easy to pick up that chain when you’re getting the heart.)

i’ll check the Mother quest line, as soon as Tuesday maintenance is finished. Thanks for the idea!

I went to Tiraguarde sound and found I had to do the quests there I hadn’t done past the foothold quests, i.e. investigate the Bridgeport dock area etc, ending with the Bridgeport Ride quest, these were all in the First Assault storyline. Now it’s on to Drustvar to raise hello there! Hope this helps someone in the future! Thank you!

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