How do I increase Quest text font size

Good morning, Just what the subject title says. I have bad eyesight and can’t read the quest text. Is there either an addon that does this? or a settings file that I can tweak? ElvUI is confusing to me and basically, adds big black boxes to the screen and it takes forever to tweak, It’s bloated, convoluted and just is terrible. Anything other than that horrid addon please. and thanks.

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You’ll need an addon for that. I use Elvui with Shadow and Light to do these things.

It’s quite extensive but once you use it for awhile it makes sense. It’s not terrible by any means

I believe this should probably get moved to the Ui and Macro forum though @Moderators. OP, you’ll just need to have patience with it as it’s something new. I managed to figure it out after 30 minutes. Plus they have a really good forum for questions.

System > Advanced > UI Scale - enable and adjust as needed.

That increases the size of all ui elements. It looks pretty silly by the time the quest text gets a little bigger.

Look up phanxfont. It has a slider for just front, but it is for everything as far as I can tell. It’s better than nothing, but this is something that should be part of Blizzard’s options like they did with the chat tab.