How do I get to the Outlands now?

I cannot find the portal in the new portal room. I have a Mage who farms Fel Iron ore. Thanks


There’s a portal to Shattrath in the portal room :slight_smile:


Should be a portal in SW Mage tower that looks like the Blasted Lands portal that when ya click on it, takes ya there. If your mage is at least lvl 100, there’'s always the portal in Dal.

Spotlight on: Portals

The option to be teleported to the Dark Portal from the NPC’s should be available if you qualify (i.e. usually if you are being sent their via quest), but there seem to be some inconsistencies. We’re made some inquiries and I’ll update that spotlight as soon as I have more information.

Alternately, you can take the Shattrath portal in the Portal Room.


Thank you. Thank goodness my fel iron ore miner is a Mage. A long flight for where I want to farm but will have to live with it. Thanks again.

My Alliance characters below level 90 can get to Blasted Lands by talking to the Honor Hold mage but my Horde characters cannot get there via the Thrallmar Mage. Are Horde players forced to take the Shattrath portal then have to fly to Hellfire? How will that work for fresh level 58 players who usually don’t have any flight paths in Outland when they first arrive?

Last time I leveled through Outland, when you first arrive there’s a direct flight from there to Shattrath, so I’d guess it would work in reverse. You’d take the Shattrath portal, and then the flight to your starting quest area.

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If they have a quest leading there, it should be available from the Thrallmar Mage, but as I said…

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Pet peeve: it’s “Outland”, not ‘the outlands’.


Sorry Dathrel, I will do better in the future and pronounce Outland properly. :slight_smile: I was including the entire region and that is what I have always called those areas in an inclusive manner. Will call it all Outland now. My mage is level 104 so is probably the reason she cannot use the lower level portal. She will just portal to Shattrath and fly to where the old portal area was and farm away. Thanks again for all help.

All my level 90 and higher characters on both factions can portal to Blasted Lands just fine, and my 70-90 Alliance characters can talk to the Honor Hold person in the tower and be ported to BL as well. It’s just my Horde level 70-90 (I don’t have any characters 58-70 right now) who are told to take the portal to Shattrath when I talk to the Thrallmar person. IMO that’s a rather large “inconsistency”

You would need to post feedback in General Discussion or use the in-game feedback option on the Help Menu. The Devs don’t take feedback from the Customer Support forum and the SFAs here are not liaisons with them.

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