HOw do I get to Pandaria?

I have a DK that has been to Pandaria but there is no portal by the big balloon for him. The quest from the admiral is not there in the thrown room. I don’t want to rely on a mage every time I want to go there to farm some stuff.

If eligible to use the portal, you will find it in the new portal room.

If you are looking in SW, it is inside the Mage Tower.

If you are looking in ORG, it is the door to the left once you enter the front gates (when leaving from Valley of Strength).



You’ll want to check this room.

As Kyzera noted, you’ll want to take the portal in the Portal Room. For Alliance it is the one to: Paw’don Village for the Horde it lists: Honeydew Village.

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Whats the deal? I can find no way to get to Pandaria at all now. I can’t even get into the new portal from the mage tower in Stormhold and if I portal there from elsewhere, inside I’m stuck. There are no portals or exits at all. I’m effectively travel banned. There are some major problems to the new portal scheme. Tell the portal (unfavorable militant group person) to back down.

Sounds like you might be in the middle of a quest that has the area phased. Are you currently doing any quests in Stormwind?


If I had to guess, Groghog, it would seem you are likely phased in Stormwind. Considering that you have the quest “Demons Among Us” available from Stormwind Keep it seems you started the Legion quests but stopped part way through.

Your issue doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the “new portal scheme” but with the fact that the city is still in state of emergency, having their leader recently slain. Try completing those quests and odds are those options will become available for you.


What Vrak is saying (or at least implying) is that you need to finish the Legion starter quest chain, at least to the point that Dalaran is established over the Broken Isles, and then you have to start and finish the Pandaria starter quest chain to the point that you’ve set up the first quest hub in Pandaria, at Paw’don village. The portal is there.


I don’t think I was implying it, I said it when I said “Try completing those quests”. :slight_smile:

Also, they shouldn’t need to do any of the introductory quests to Pandaria as there has already been much exploration of the various zones by that character. They simply can’t get there because the portals won’t work while Stormwind is currently in the phase of the Legion story it currently is in for that character.


I missed that last point (that OP already had access to the Paw’Don village portal).

But yeah, carrying incomplete event quest chains is generally a terrible idea. Phasing caused by that can wreak havoc on normally reliable things.

How do you complete a quest you have in Pandaria if you cannot get to Pandaria?

You will need to do the starting quests to unlock the portal.

Alliance version:

Horde version:


As Kyzera noted you usually need to complete the introduction quests that venture into that area. If your character is under 50 you may also be able to use the Timewalking Campaign by speaking with Chromie.

What quest are you trying to do, Dieben?