How Do I Get Legion Questline?

So I have a Lvl 50 warrior and I wanted to take the Legion quests so I could get the Dalaran hearth, because my sister did before the Squish. We’re part way through Draenor and part-way through Kul Tiras. I was able to pick up the opening quest “To Be Prepared” and the Assault on Broken Shore, and I was able to go back to Stormwind to give Varian’s letter to Anduin and fight the demons. Then I was told to go visit the Illidari in the Mage Quarter, so I did that and then there was nothing. I flew back to the castle, Anduin was gone. I took the portal to Dalaran, Khadgar is not there. I found Chromie, and all she said was I was needed in Ice Crown, no options to take any quests at all. So how do I move forward with the Legion storyline?

You got further than I did. I can’t get the opening quest to show up on the bounty board.

How did you even get this far to get the starter quest?

Also in your case you MAY need to have ‘turn old quests visible’ toggled on?

Hi, i just saw your replies. I actually ended up putting in a support ticket, and the GM “borrowed” my toon to fix it. I guess I had some other quest that was interfering? Also I originally got the quest from the bounty board before The Squish but wasn’t able to complete it because at the time, I was being pushed to do the Battle for Lordaeron scenario. (Pushed meaning I would abandon the quest so I could continue the Legion quest, but as soon as I abandoned it, it would pop up again with no option except to take it.)

Anyhow, i’ve since learned that if you’re lvl 49 or lower, you would take Chromie’s Adventurers Wanted quest from the war board, and then choose Legion when you talk to her and she will send you Timewalking into the past. Apparently once you’re lvl 50 you’re not allowed to Timewalk anymore, so I have no clue how you would get Legion at that point. Hope some of this helps?