How do I disable the Clean Up Reagent Bank tool

I want to know how do I disable the Clean Up Reagent Bag too om
WOW Retail? Simple question. I should have a simple answer.
I wanted to place this comment in the bank clean up category; unknown.
The Retail category; unknown,
Not one word in my Topic or my Question has a match and all are not available .
That in itself is totally wrong.
Sometimes I will click on the x in the search box and instead of clearing the name there, my reagent bank gets cleaned up.
Sometimes when I click on the x to close the bank window, my reagent bank gets cleaned up.
Blizzard’s idea of cleaning up bags is NOT mine. I want all my leatherworking together, all my food together, all my herbs/alchemy together, all my mechagon items together. Blizzard wipes that out and everything ends up all mixed together.
I don’t care if Blizzard thinks this is their game. THIS IS MY GAME. I want my bags and everything else INCLUDING QUESTS and what I am tracking the way I want them - NOT HOW YOU WANT THEM.
Do I sound exasperated? YES!
Now I have to go clean up my reagent bank and I really don’t have time for that. There are a few quests I wanted to do and I need the time to do the proper research to do them. It is a LOT of work to play this game now-a-days; not like it was years ago. Too bad Classic didn’t come out the way I remember it. Too bad it is not as much fun as it used to be.

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