How come its 2023 and we still can't do Ordos

Oh, right, I forgot all about that, you’re right. I don’t know if they removed that or not.

My bad, sorry.

While they’re at it, please allow flying on that island.

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You’ll get an easy like from me if you happen to make a topic on the CC forums that calls out this terrible crap. Section of the open world map locked off AND removal of super vital storyline from the game. Needs to all be put back in.


it’s the same sunken temple, just with a grate blocking an area.

As someone who does a lot of TW stuff, the WoD leggo ring is broken-- and not in a good way-- it’s value is much lower than that of a ring at equal ilvl… this is due to Blizz never having adjusted the scaling properly. Now, the cloak from MoP, on the other hand, is absolutely BiS.

I cannot imagine them re-enabling the quest for the ring, simply because they would then have to go back and fix it so it actually works right.

Maybe this should be included on Removed content because Devs should just allow a way to reach Ordos for anyone that missed the legendary questline, I’d prefer if Devs bring back the questline.


It’s there.


Oh its being ignored like 90% of Community council threads

And they certainly wouldn’t do it twice for no discernible reason given the legendary it gave also was a ring which came with no cosmetic reward!

you will be so let down if they do let you kill him…

I have the cloak on 5 characters and they need to put the questline back already.

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Cloak owner here. Quest line needs to be brought back same as WoD ring. There was never any good reason for it to be removed in the first place.


you do know you can glide across it with a glider… right?

pretty sure they hotfixed that a long time ago.

i did it just find few months ago.

yeah but doesnt it teleport you out right away?

nope, i went up an killed the guy myself.

because Ordos was a be there to do it thing

Games should have content like that . Lots of things I cant get in the game because I wast there --thats how it should be-I wasnt playing at teh time so i am definately not entitled to the stuff

No they don’t. Old content is old content. Nobody cares if the ring works right or not. Except you, I guess.

As someone who did the notoriously difficult Island mega achieve without the cloak, allow me to clarify a couple things for everyone in this thread:

  1. You can use a glider to get to the island Ordos is on.
  2. The mistake people make is using the bridge to glide from. Whilst it is doable this way, it’s stupid. The correct method is to use the crane statue to get flung up super high in the air and then activate your glider. This effectively gives you flying across the entire island.
  3. So long as you avoid Ordo’s central courtyard area, you will not get ported out. This means that you can access the side atrium area on the left where the rare is as well as all the grassy areas.
  4. If you land behind the central courtyard area where Ordos is, you can actually pull Ordos from behind provided you do not get too close or you will get ported out.
  5. Killing Ordos this way does not award the achievement or any loot.
  6. People in this thread saying you can drop down on Ordos and kill him are either lying or using lag to do it. The teleport out happens very quickly if you get too close and there is no warning.
  7. Ordos doesn’t drop anything unique. He used to but I’m pretty sure blizz has since patched in alternate sources for the leather helm.
  8. From a gameplay and logic PoV, it was a massively stupid mistake to remove the MoP cloak and the WoD ring questline. It would be like deleting the BfA cloak questline. That’s how stupid it was and still is to this day. Granted the BfA cloak was a lot more important than the MoP cloak or the WoD ring, but their deletion still leaves giant gaps in the lore in-game regardless. To this day nobody who didn’t play MoP knows who Wrathion is or why we should care a hoot about him thanks to this very issue. So when he turned up again in Bfa and DF, the rest of us were like…new phone, who dis? :thinking: