How busy is this server?

I rolled a character on another realm, and it was a PvP server, and I went into stormwind and everyone and their mom was in T2 and decked out in raid epics, and it kind of killed it for me. I’m looking at an RP realm for a more authentic classic wow experience, is the player base more casual here? meaning is there a healthy player base between 1-59? I may dabble in RP from time to time as well, but maybe I’m looking for an experience that doesn’t exist and should just play anyway. Thanks in advance

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This server isn’t as heavily populated as the HEAVILY populated Moon Guard where I am from, but I would still call it lively. My leveling experience had lots of contact despite being an Australian who plays at weird hours and the RP environment, though not comparable in size to the giant that is MG, is alive and well. And frankly, it’s a lot less filled with annoying gross stuff, so on the balance of things the lost population might be mostly just the annoying weirdos. Most RPers I have come across so far on BB have been both genuine and not gross.