How active is Alliance raiding here?


Once I ding 60. I’ll be looking to join a friendly raiding guild for the first time since Mists. Is this a good server for active raiding guilds? I’m absolutely not looking for cutting edge stuff as I’ll be starting a phd in the fall, but I’m really just looking for a core group of friends to play with again. Gets awful lonely out here in pug-land!

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Congrats on starting your PhD. I am thankfully past that point in my life, but I am in the same boat of wanting to find a good raiding guild, but more importantly, just some chill people to play with and be friends with. Feel free to add me on your friends list man.

I put an app into a guild on the finder and am doing the circuit trying to find the right fit. If I come across a good one, I will see if you’d like to join! You do the same for me friend :slight_smile: