How about these 1 hour shutdowns

is it me or did blizzard cant keep up with other indies companies ?
26.3 BILLION DOLLARS EARNED this finacial year
and with a new release game we have shut downs just about every day
and they will not give us free game time or free items
yet my granddies get free v bucks free items from microsoft , xbox playstation .fortnite just for having so much DOWN TIME THEY GET FREE ITEMS
these are your competition
where is our free items an free game time blizzard
mad yes ,many are mad or upset .
its 11 pm iam wide awake like a owl at night .its prime time to play in this wonderful summer heat on a laptop in the patio with a ocean breeze ,
good lord if the devs could only read and hand out free time for down time
rant over

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its mostly class changes with pvp changes and fixes that all these 1 hour maintenances are about . cant keep fine tuning and nerfing / buffing to find a balance if its only once a week

yes but my experience and may other . those companies give out free goodies an free game time an free skins for
fine tuning an nerfing an to be balanced
these gaming companies are blizzards competition
do they not take notice ?

the difference between getting goodies and not is a major downtime caused by broken gameplay.

this was scheduled and had a warning on the bnet launcher since like 9pm aest. i agree they needa add more in game announcements but it was there on the launcher for everyone to see