How about half-elves?

yeah and velfs cant get near the sunwell because it opens a portal into the void. weird.

oh, why can i be a priest and use the light to heal. i have all the same heal spells as any of my other non velf priests. it makes no sense.

Lore wise I think you guys are just shadow priest. Don’t think blizzard wanted to lock specs on races. Same reason undead can play holy/ disc and Lightforged play shadow.

yeah but the elekk in the room is, that i can use light spells lol but i cant be a pally because they use light spells. it sounds like the kinda thing you tell your 10 year old when they ask why they cant have a motorcycle like their 16 year old brother.

You seriously didn’t get the news? Void Elves are getting new customization options in Shadowlands that makes them High Elves. Blood Elves are also getting Blue Eyes

Ehh thats kinda wobbly. i’ll believe it when i see it hehe

Okay, here you go

From what I know lore wise all velf priest are shadow only. They just didn’t want to lock 2 spec from a class.

ty. i mean, see it in game, in action. if they look like high elves, alls good, but i think they intend on keeping some of the velf’s uniqueness, so the most i will say now is, its kinda wobbly. its cool, dont get me wrong. i’m excited. just not convinced velfs will look like high elves. we shall see.

i know. you said that already hehe.

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Wow I did! Sorry I’m exhausted but having trouble actually sleeping. Been a really long day.

ah do what i do, think about doing something physical that you hate doing, like changing the oil on the car, cleaning the toilet, or other unpleasant physical tasks.

So half night elf half furbolg?

i rather they just make them customization

and no the different ears for blood elves has nothing to do with half elves

i’m 90% sure night elves will be able to change their ears as well

Plastic surgery in the barbershop.

Why would elves be compared to all other races? That comparison alone proves we have enough elves.

Lore-wise undead CAN use the light, it just causes them physical pain to do so.

Blizzard already focuses to much on the elves already so far. No more. They should be done and move on.

Make them half elf and half tauren then yes.

human model with pointy ears or a new playable model of huge dudes (alliance needs huge dudes) with badass viking hair and can be paladins… vykrul.

Curious if we get the ear sliders you would be able to RP as one though until they came out with their own in depth race?

Regardless throwing my support for this idea!

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