How 2 unlock vaskarn for the dreaming crests upgrade turn ins

Hello! quick question. how do I unlock vaskarn for the dreaming crest item upgrade thing?? Need 2 know the quests in case i did one and dropped them or something. I went 2 his location on the map by the exact coordinate. Other then that, google is not much help.

The only copy of Vaskarn that works for Season 3 crests is the one in the Emerald Dream. There are other instances of the NPC (like in Loamm in Zaralek Cavern), but they are stuck in earlier seasons and don’t do anything about the current crests.

In the Central Encampment, off to the left with the other crafting-type NPCs.

there is no vaskarn at that location. ive been searching 4 an hour inside the dream.