Hotfixes - Updated October 5

Good, they’re finally worth doing and nice we’ll be able to get more vision runs and be able to try to push more zones without being paranoid about messing up.

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I was really excited to loot a socketed heroic Psyche Shredder last night, but these changes dampen that excitement. I cat-weave in M+, where most healers in high keys are using damage dealing trinkets to help out, and now it won’t work in cat form? If I am misunderstanding this, I would greatly appreciate a response.

I understand the intent was to discourage melee classes from using the trinket, but could you reconsider the effect this has on hybrid specs like resto druids? It’s not the end of the world, but a real shame when I coined this trinket specifically for cross-play between boomy in raids and resto in m+.

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I just wanted to pass along a Thank You . One of the issues the game was having got the attention it deserved. Thank You Blizzard.


Nice, much-needed changes, thank you.

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need a hotfix for spell check sure he was nice but I doubt he was kind Varian wouldn’t he be a king? lol


Updated for Jan. 27.


Is this a hotfix or a fix that requires a restart?

The lack of class tuning fixes is upsetting, especially considering the huge disparities in some specs and mythic opening tomorrow.


Trinket : Writhing Segment of Drest’agath’s damage has been increased by 20%

Even with this change it does not make the trinket viable. The tool tip says it strikes all nearby enemies for X physical damage. This is incorrect, it does X physical damage, split by the number of targets. In order to make this trinket viable I would suggest you make it hit all targets for X damage up to at target cap of lets say 5. This would make it great for burst cleave damage, without encroaching on other single target or uncapped aoe trinkets.

Tooltips are lawyered. The description doesn’t say “strike all nearby enemies for X damage each.” That’s how they get you!

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How about u fix the garbage corruption system. I have a 8.2 Heroic geared DH that was doing 8k less dps than my main. My main has been farming, raiding, doing everything i can. The DH got a tier 3 infinite stars ring and now does 3k more damage tham my main which is mythic geared and been farming this tier to get items. and nope one item suddenly it does more damage by such a huge amount. its a terrible system. i hate it. this makes me want to quit and im just about to. im not sure how much more i can take before im gone.

how about u fix the 8.2 trinkets still being BIS for 8.3. this means that if you don’t have those items from last tier… well too bad u have no chance of getting them cause no one is going to farm them again

how about u fix the terrible amount of BOE’s that drop and all the big guilds just buy them up put them in there bank and just pay to win the bosses.

fix the pay to win raiding!

So, in the desire to make Psyche Shredder unusable for melee classes, the recent hotfix has literally wrecked it for casters. Trinkets from AEP and compendium of storms (ilevel 400) outperform it by light years. Was this intended?

This is still not working. Just did a search for pets and the entire first page is a long list of pets I’ve already collected. Can we please get this reviewed again?

Greathorn Stags and Does are in the Emerald Dreamway, which ports non-druids out within 5 seconds. Also, there isn’t a way through normal gameplay for a non-druid to enter. (RaF summon is the only way I know).

Greathorn stags and does could be put in the post-Xavius part of Emerald Nightmare, since both it and the Dreamway are part of the Emerald Dream. Or it might be more fun to have a challenge for hunters to get into the Dreamway. It’s possible for a hunter to just barely reach the portal inside the Dreamgrove (druid class hall). Activate that for hunters, and give them a buff if they make it through it to prevent porting out of the dreamway for 30 seconds (plenty of time to tame).
But adding them to Emerald nightmare (or elsewhere) would be the fast and easy way.

Can’t tame Anzu. :frowning:


The pet filter is still not working. No matter what I am always being shown pets I own in the AH.

Thanks for nerfing shadow recipe drops from adapts. nice touch…

That is some bug. How does that ‘accidently’ even happen when things are programmed.

We have made the following change to the Twilight Devastation corrupted effect.

  • Twilight Devastation’s effectiveness has been reduced in situations where it strikes more than 5 targets. It has been changed as follows:
    • Deals normal damage on up to 5 targets.
    • Deals 50% reduced damage to targets 6 through 10.
    • Shrinks in radius each time it damages a target above 5, causing it to disappear after hitting 10 targets.

Hey, thanks for removing the cap from Coalescing Visions.