Hotfixes - Updated October 5

none of this matters, they game systems make you wanna stop playing, who cares about changes when noone wants to play?

Hotfix time :partying_face:

August 4, 2020

Player versus Player

  • This week’s Comp Stomp Brawl has been replaced with Temple of Hotmogu.
    • Developers’ note: We’ve identified some issues with Comp Stomp and have removed it from the rotation. Comp Stomp will return to the rotation in Shadowlands.

WoW Classic

  • The Blue Scepter Shard, Green Scepter Shard, and Red Scepter Shard quest items are now Epic quality.
    • Developers’ note: We’re changing the item quality on the Scepter Shard quest items to Epic (purple) so that they’ll be easier to distribute to the correct person in raids using Group Loot or Master Looter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused C’Thun within Temple of Ahn’Qiraj to incorrectly delay casting Eye Beam when engaging in combat.

Comp Stomp wasn’t that broken, just port to your garrison, and replacing it with Hotmogu of all things is spitting in our face.

And let’s be real: Us farming Echos was totally a factor.


Why did you choose the worst possible outcome for players and then fail to communicate that terrible decision until called on it on twitter?

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Player versus Player

  • Corrected an issue that could cause socketed gems to slightly reduce players’ effectiveness in PvP combat under some circumstances.

Is this live? We just tested it and can confirm that adding gems causes you to (generally) do similar damage, and consistently take more damage. Can the pvp ilvl scaling formula be revealed so we know what we’re dealing with?

Edit: maybe my confusion comes from the fact that my pvp item level is different in stormwind vs boralus. …???

-1000000000/10 joke.

Seriously fix the damn pvp thing, how do you make it an e-sports when the system is this bad.

Bring pvp sets back or something but stop with this system.

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“Slightly reduce” lol.


thanks for the fix! <3 can we get a developer’s clarification on this? people were reporting 10% power increase with the ‘workaround’ solution before the hotfix which seems a tad more than ‘slight’.


October 1, 2020

Impressive Influence

  • The Impressive Influence 100% reputation buff has returned and will continue through the entirety of October.

September 22, 2020


  • Removed the flashing spell effect when teleporting out of the Brewfest Chowdown area.

September 15, 2020

Allied Races

  • The mechagnome Allied Race unlock storyline is no longer offered to characters on accounts that have already unlocked mechagnomes.

Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:

Keep it up, guys. Really impressed with your handling of everything lately, and it’s exciting to see 2020 Blizzard making the kinds of decisions that early 2000s Blizzard would make.

It’s almost as if this (reputation) buff makes the grinds that much more completable…

It’s almost as if the buff in BfA puts it on par with the default rep gain rate of Legion. :thinking:

Still happy about the move, just wasn’t happy about the rep gain nerf to BfA in general.


7 days left. Blizzard can finally do the right thing by nerfing destro and putting all corruptions up at once.

Ah a big blue wall.

Imagine 1 guy is sitting in a room, everyone throws siht on him, yep, let me introduce you to @Kaivax.

Where at this point, i think his a bot.

Yeah but nobody actually wants the diaper gnomes so no big deal.