Hotfixes -- Updated November 20

Can we get some numerical values for this? Please? Thank you for listening.


Doesn’t it seem kind of silly to be adjusting some of these spec’s damage based off where the game is currently vs where it’s going to be in a couple of weeks? I sure haven’t seen anything that suggests BM Hunter damage is deserving of a 5% nerf in Shadowlands for example, despite what they may be doing right now in BFA/Azerite/Neck that will be going away very soon…


I am sure their “internal” testing has shown some great data. “sarcasm”

These are for Prepatch only, or is this something that will be going forward into Shadowlands launch as well?


Lmfao pre patch balancing? What a joke blizzard.



I’ve just finished leveling up a beast master hunter and I’m working on another one. Honestly, they felt just right - you should have brought all other classes up to this level, rather than implementing all these nerfs.

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All that threat generating and I bet our warlock tank pets still can’t tank for beans.


Forgot to buff Havoc by 20% across the board

You guys forgot to buff Rogue’s while you’re out here being dumb

Can you guys please stop forcing Sweeping Strikes on us? It’s just not a fun move.

I would rather have the Fury Whirlwind or anything else. Now I can’t even talent it away!


Protection Paladin passive Armor bonus reduced to 10% (was 20%). Hmm why nerf Prot pally’s armor? Current patches already nerfed the armor from shield of the righteous, now nerf again the passive armor? Prot pally is not particularly strong in dealing with physical damage, and now making a shield tank with less armor than other tanks? So as a Prot Pally, my shield is basically a frisbee and my plate armor is made of paper.

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Havoc DH was the king of BFA, it’s someone else’s turn. They won’t get buffed.

Is this pet abilities as well (e.g. claw, kill command pet component, bestial wrath) or just Hunter abilities (e.g. Kill Command, Kill Shot)?

Also, how does this affect Animal Companion?

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Was BM that spicy that this had to happen I mean seriously? Didn’t touch MM though. Except for a volley nerf, oooooo.

Looks like it’s only actual tanking specs to me.

nice meme xd

Will these changes also be applied to the beta? I mean, is it gonna affect us on shadowlands or they are just for pre patch tunning and they will dissapear later?

Absolutely stupid changes here hey. Whoever does the balancing for Mages needs to actually play the class.


Meanwhile Frost mages have undertuned Frost Spike and other gameplay issues :frowning:


That’s a nice, HARD nerf to Execution Sentence you got there…

unintelligible grumbling

Also, why do you not like Frost DKs?

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