Hotfixes -- Updated March 12


Say goodbye to everyone who solos.


This is a good change isn’t it? Wasn’t it known that healers and tanks were having an easy time in Torghast… as long as they don’t screw this up, everyone else who is dps shouldn’t see a change on mob health and damage… seems fair.

Right! Let’s make the hardest jobs in the game even harder. That’ll really drive down those 45min DPS queues.


All I can say is at least the balance teams arent just outright 50% to 70% nerfing or buffing something like how it used to be. 5% to 15% nerfs and buffs is much better to see even if what they are buffing and nerfing isnt the greatest thing.

Can you provide some more details about this? We had a general idea how difficult each floor was, but now we have no idea what to expect. Is this 5, 10, 20, 50, 300, or 500 percent. Any indication is better than no indication at all.

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Wait so did they just throw the 5% dmg for demon hunter buff right out the window? It wasn’t going to help much as havoc is already unplayable, but it was better than nothing. I guess demon hunters are gonna be screwed for a long time.

What do you mean? It’s still there

Hotfixes : Fixed an issue that caused players still playing this game


Don’t worry frost mage got nothing either


way to make it less fun


I love doing Torghast alone … thanks, Blizzard.



Please, im here to…

Blizz really? Why? The torghast buffs were dumb considering there are classes that can’t even enjoy it without being ran through it. You guys aren’t reading anything in the forums or anywhere else are you?


Unholy got dumpstered on m8, Those are not buffs.

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The damaged needed a nerf no question asked, but no longer works on bosses? That’s uncalled for blizzard.

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am i still sleeping or they removed the warrior buff?

the class that needed it the most?

whats going on lol

This one hurt my heart. Was the only thing I actually enjoyed about Torghast.

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Oh yeah, Straight in the trash.

On one hand, I wish these inevitable nerfs had been done before retail release.

On the other, I guess I’m glad I had a few weeks of feeling like a BAMF.

how bad are these nerfs for druid? I know they’re listed, but druid is the one class i’ve never really played. I’ve been wanting to make one lately too simply due to their spec options. (and ngl, insta-mount sounds amazeballs)