Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

listen, no one was going to die to us two weeks from now once in their raid and M+ gear. HP and mitigation go up quicker than damage, blizz should have waited until after people had more gear and realize that MM can no longer even take half their HP. with this nerf we will tickle you with our opener and then turtle/ cheetah. that is what blizzard wants for MM i guess.

3 classes atm were 1 shottting pallys rogues and hunters. Either they buffed everyone else to have a one shot or they fixed the 3. Because even with more gear those 3 classes are still going to eat everyone else.


Rogues probably will continue to shred people, because that’s their role and blizzard didnt really touch them outside a covenant ability. MM’s role is to do a lot of damage at the start of a fight as well but people dont like losing to hunters so blizz just effed us.

I have never one shot anyone, I can kill a clothie in worse gear than me very quickly, everyone else has a shot if they have any pvp experience, if they don’t have pvp experience, they would have died to any class anyway. Our damage profile would have gradually flattened out as people geared, instead people who have just come back to the game for SL and dont understand how stat progression works cried and cried on the forums and blizzard listened.

If you refuse to admit aimed shot was absolutely busted in PVP, then you’re simply lying to yourself because you were enjoying 2 shotting people from 40yards away.

Looking for the cry baby? Turn and look in the mirror


I never said it wasn’t powerful right now… but we are only coming up on the third week of the expansion, this nerf will only compound as people gear up. I could be wrong but I have a feeling in a month or two hunters would not be even close to two shotting people anymore.

Well thank christ for that cause no class should be able to 2 shot anything.


i agree, and it would have gone away in the natural course of the game and gearing up. Im just afraid this nerf will be bigger and bigger as hp and armor and mitigation goes up until we are left as the tickler spec like the last epxansion.

It’s odd- they use this link but it directly only shows the major updates. You have to click on the link for ‘View all patch notes’ which takes you to a browser session which actually has the latest.

Good old Blizzard… buffing something related to the Night Fae hunter kit and, yet again, completely ignoring venthyr hunters who have to live with Flayed Shot being one of the worst abilities in the entire game just so we can enjoy the transmog/fantasy. BUFF FLAYED SHOT PLEASE!


Love the updates. But can you do one of the following:

The Avowed rep vendor in Oribos:

Item in Question -> Ebony Crypt Keeper’s Mantle

Option 1: Remove Venthyr covenant from the requirements
Option 2: Remove the ability for it to be disenchantable
Option 3: Make the item Blue instead of Purple and remove all Eternal Crystal shards created by disenchanting this item.

Downfall to this item? People had 115 Enchanting before the end of Day 1, simply by farming rep and disenchanting this item. They were able to make the enchanted items required for legendary base prices on day 2. The only people who could do this were people who KNEW about this problem and didn’t report it during any beta or alpha testing in order to gain an upper hand on launch.

If this is planned, I would like to know who thought about putting a disenchantable cosmetic on a vendor tied to both reputation AND covenant that isn’t even the actual covenant. (The Avowed Rep + Venthyr Covenant is a dumb combination to begin with).

At the very least, since The Avowed is linked with the Revendreth area, but not exactly Venthyr, the item should have the Covenant requirement removed so that ALL people can use this method to get Eternal Crystals.


Hunter, rogue and paladin nerfs for the 8th please.

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Tfw the Night Fae hunter ability, as an AoE ability, performs better in single target compared to the Venthyr’s dedicated single target ability.

There wouldn’t even need to be much done to Flayed Shot to make it better. Make it proc kill shot slightly more often, and make those kill shot procs NOT trigger the KS cooldown. Most of the time when Flayed Shot gives me a proc, I’m 2 seconds away from being able to use kill shot under the normal health-based conditions anyway, and flayed shot just has me waiting longer to use it.


What about sharding/grouping in The Maw? Any group I join is invisible to me. Supposedly I have to return to Oribis then join a group then go to the Maw to be able to see them. That’s dumb.

If you leave the area and come back she usually pop’s up. I just hearthed to Oribos and came back and she was there.

Just leave Death Knights out of this thank you.

This is why we need one of each character at max level. We can then just move to the flavor of the week (day) based on these hotfixes. Problem solved!

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Honestly we shouldn’t be locked to a covenant ability to begin with, considering they all trusted us and taught us their abilities.

Easy fix. Make Covenants cosmetic/story only. Add a talent row that with the abilities. All covenants should have a mobility and a utility ability.


Yes. This. Its honestly dumb how hardheaded they are in this regard

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well RIP my kyrian paladin brothers and sisters, time to join the vampires for everything pvp/pve related lol, unless u r holy, then you can play kyrian aoe holy shock still good lol

I think dev team forgot to nerf shadow priests but that’s just my opinion. Or rather instead of nerfing priest, stop increasing the gap between other classes

I don’t think Blizz is paying attention to how Torghast and the Maw are easier for some classes than for others, or how this expansion is signaling to solo players that they don’t matter.

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