Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

So much this.


Well there goes my Prot Paladin. Glad i spent the last two weeks farming H and M runs and neglecting any of my alts


Gee, so glad I made the meaningful choice to craft the Bulwark legendary and you guys gutted it a day later.

Maybe you guys can at least stop lying about not overnerfing things if you can’t be bothered to get your tuning right before launch.


If you’re going to nerf this, then Venthyr’s Hallowed Discernment needs to be brought in line with the others as well.

People who chose other covenants because they simmed equally are now sub optimal because all these systems interact.

Prior to this nerf Naya (NF) and Pelagos (Bastion) simmed pretty closely to the Mad Duke. Now all Venthyr soulbinds sim higher than any other soulbind by nearly a 9-10% margin.


70% nerf?

Into the ground, amirite?


That kind of a yikes nerf, if they were gonna nerf it then why not just 20% at most. Now it’s just gutted and gone and that’s not fair to any pally players

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How about spending less time nerfing BFA gold rewards and more time fixing broken BFA dungeon scaling?

I’m sitting at level 60 in relatively decent non-questing gear and getting absolutely stomped on in Tol Dagor while I’m trying to unlock Kul Tirans.

I know you’re busy with a new expansion but come on… Level scaling shouldn’t be this broken.

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I have a question in regards of a visual glitch for demon hunters who put on helms and hoods and other things of head gear, why does the blind fold disappear?
I’m sure if not supposed to happen but making transmogs, that glitch is really damn annoying and makes me hate some of the mogs i’ve gathered for my DH. Can you please fix this? Please?

To paraphrase Barry Goldwater’s infamous words in 1964.
“Extremism in the defense of balance is no vice!”

It’s now December 7th, ALMOST TWO WEEKS after they supposedly put out a hotfix for this, AND LEGION CONTENT SCALING IS STILL BROKEN! Why do they bother to say they fixed something when clearly they did no such thing! now they’re just ignoring it because they said they fixed it. I’m sure we’d all like to go back and get legion transmogs but we cant unless we do it in a group which was not the case with WoD content at level 50 (20 levels above the WoD expansion). Now we’re level 60 and Legion content is more difficult than basic Shadowlands content. Hell, Torghast is easier than normal Antorus or ToS. This is insane.


If it wasn’t broken, then why were so many players neglecting everything else in order to farm for two weeks because of it?

“Hmmmm,” says the goblin.

May I ask why this change was implemented? Not that I’m complaining.

This was a fabulous change!

Edit: No I am not being sarcastic LOL, I made a post asking for something like this to happen. Thank you for nerfing MM Hunters in PvP (because we were broken) but not extending that nerf to kill the spec in PvE.

Yet another batch of hotfixes and From the Ashes is still bugged…dooodaaadoooodaaaa

" * Battle for Azeroth creatures that increase their health as the player’s item level increases now stop scaling at a lower, more appropriate item level."

You sure? Because HEROIC Mechagon is still kicking my butt at 60.

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Hotfixes usually require realm restarts. Check it again after maintenance today.

well gg being good in pvp. They keep on nerfing my choices. Choose 2 hander dk got nerf in to the ground. seen pally got nerf hard very hard but i still liked how it look and played… Now its nerf again. GG all the time i sent no lifeing to get gear and get my stuff for my covent. Why should i even put time in to a covent to just get nerf into the ground.

Still able to 100% someone with Judgment. That hotfix was last week.

Seriously? before people are even M+ geared? congrats cry babies, you win again.


Someone’s salty they have to press more than one button to kill someone now lol.