Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

You guys are buffing arms? Lmao. Idk what yall are smoking but I bet its real good.


Cute! Ok :smiley: :+1:

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That’s like once every 6 weeks. Better than having to kite all the god damn time.

All the cheesy crap you could have nerfed in pvp you choose to nerf DK… Way to show everyone you really have no clue what you are doing when it comes to balancing this crap.


Can you just put fortified and tyrannical at +16? No reason they should exist in lower keys with the lack and low quality of gear drops from keys.

RIP frost dk.
I’d like to see chill streak phased out, but it’s the only PVP damage we have, so unless there’s a significant rework of how fdk’s do damage in pvp (adjust the massive nerfs to fdk abilities in pvp maybe…?), it’s not a class worth playing.


o yay, enhance with another 3 percent damage increase the last few times you did this to shamans with a 3 percent it never shows it never helps smh like give shamans a 6 percent increase because yall always start with 3 and than add another 3 later and it still does not help shaman they aka enhance shaman needs more than just a damage increase and sadly another 3 percent is for craps n giggles in blizzards eyes. rolls my sleepy eyes

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Your team is incredibly out of touch with the PVP meta if you think nerfing chill streak is the right move here. DKs are, for many reasons, consistently worse than rets, WWs, and arms warriors.

If you want to change the DK damage profile away from being so reliant on chill streak, great! Buff the rest of their damage to be on par with rets, who are their non-healing debuff counterparts.

Windwalkers are dealing a consistent 30-40% more damage than DKs and bring mortal strike. Arms warriors deal as much damage (if not more) and bring mortal strike and team utility. Rets deal far more damage and utility.

How is this acceptable to you? Simply baffling.

Also, fix the incredibly poor self-healing of death strike. It’s a complete joke in pvp.


No resto druid pvp Buffs :frowning:

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Seems like there is an update everyday and ideas on when the settling of the updates will be.

Anyone complaining about PvP should go play…ya know…a real PvP game?

WoW PvP is a clown show. Always has been.

Thanks for the Warlock Demonology Nerf. Buffing everyone else is a nerf to us. Like we need to be flushed down the toilet any further.


Can you revert the aimed shot nerfs? Aimed shot already doesn’t scale as well since its reduced by armor, and yall nerfed MM hunter 2x in the first week, when things seemed broken. And yet, other classes are doing the same deletion as we were doing in stealth, outside of stealth.

We don’t even need the DT on aimed shot nerf reverted, but having the 15% aimed shot nerf reverted would actually let us get more pressure outside our DT rapid fire windows, which are easily telegraphed




Came here for this. We’ve been hand-feeding blizzard statistics of their own game that they are too lazy to look into. Still more Prot Paladins than Mistweavers in Arena…smh.


Did any of this actually go live today? The 5% increased damage to BM Hunters doesn’t seem to have happened. My parses from before maintenance and after are virtually identical and the tooltips still show the exact same numbers.

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Yeah even the warrior master and commander nerf didn’t go live. This didn’t go live is something wrong

nerf frost dk only dmging skilll

left arms / WW / fire / boomkin /ret left

and i know all this classes have their own issues but the burst is insane on pvp.

btw havoc still sucks on pvp , give them back some leech , MM needs Ais nerf reverted double shot Ais barely hurts anymore.


U made ur choice …

Wait, you’re nerfing Chillstreak? With not a single change to Fire Mage, WW, or Ret? WTF is that?