Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

Tons of players giving rightful examples of imbalances, and yet… the changes are PvE based.

I’m telling you PvPers… wait for Ghostcrawlers Riot MMO to come out. WoW is a PvE playground for care-bears.


Thank you!

what we couldve used was a complete nerf on mythic bosses during tyrannical

Rogues deleting bad players in the open world? Bad! Nerf Rogues! (yeah Kyrian was broken, but they still delete bad players in the open world while being trash in Arena now vs the real OP classes).

All the other crazy bull :poop: in Arena right now? WTF do we care about Arena Balance?!

Hell they don’t even care about PvE balance where the top raid groups are pretty much MM Hunter+ Unholy DK other then a few other dps classes for token buffs.

Dead class is dead.

Then you might of run more dungeons this week and get geared too fast. God forbid PvE players get too much gear. PvP it’s ok cause those people will still pay for subs and log in daily even when Blizzard is taking big dumps all over that aspect of the game.

Too many PvE players will just take breaks once they attain the gear they want…so now instead of having an endless alternate power grind, they moved it into gear since it’s a better incentive to keep you logging in/subbed.

Resto druids are pumping in CN. All the healers are pretty well matched.

not all of them are too bad, but some of them truck your face super hard, on a freaking 6 key

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Why do you pretend everything is fine with frost mages? Can you get your head out of the sand??


Bro, I’m playing a MW monk. I’m in the same boat.

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So the BFA Stolen Present Mission… already completed it on 10+ toons and still have the empty box reward. Need to hotfix swap those out for the correct one.

You forgot to include balance changes for dps this week. Hotfix it today. Frost mages and both warrior dps specs are still broken.

Shut the game back down for more maintenance if needed and fix the dps.


Day 31: I keep screaming into the void, hoping, praying someone will here me. I have all but given up hope. I am cursed to spend an expansion in mediocrity, constantly mocked and laughed at. I type “frost mage looking for N CN” in /2. I wait patiently. Still no response…


I got excited seeing Frost DK’s in the notes. Should’ve known :frowning:

same man same.

Wait. What?

No tuning at all? For the love of God, entire specs are dying in this game right now. There is no place for them in PvE or PvP content. I’ve never seen anything like it.

When did this become acceptable? Class design is as important as content, but its being treated with less reverence than cooking recipes.

A 21% discrepancy in DPS is incredibly high. It’s nearly this high between many specs of the same class. You can’t leave it like this.

Please don’t leave it like this.


Well, this is unfortunate… I see the daily hot fix has come out but no mention of content scaling fix for Legion or old raids.

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So that’s it for fixing Havoc Demon Hunter? Clearly it could use more help, what’s the hold up? People are trying to be patient but a token 5% just scratched the surface. If you want a quick fix just revert the class to what it was with a little tuning and the class is perfect, throwing 5% damage was barely noticeable.

Frost and Arcane Mage have it worse, but BM Hunters are in a similar spot. Same with MW Monks. Fury Warriors., Destruction Warlocks, Assasination, Havok, SV, Frost DKs.

Outside of Vanilla, specs have never been this poorly balanced.

I believe this has already been done - a couple of expansions ago. They probably need to hire people, not fire them. I don’t believe they have anybody dedicated to class design. Arguably, class design is as important as content for a lot of people, and it’s a side job.

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STILL no balancing to WARRIOR, SHAMAN, UH DK, WW MONK, Balance/ feral DRUIDS, MM HUNTER in pvp??? literally 1 shotting EVERYTHING??? but nerf rogue to the ground… hunters pulling 20k aimed shots, druids cleaing the board with convoke?? just to give an example… love the job of the dumb down balancing team you guys are real winners!
Ill probably get banned again for calling out the laziest team in existence. Just AWFUL!!