Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

You think healers are only being healers in Torghast?

When you alienate healers in one game mode, there are less of them in the other game modes as well. I’m a perfect example as it’s been WoW > Cyberpunk in terms of gaming time until now.

the change isn’t going to make it so healers now have to work harder than dps did. it’s just to make it so it’s no longer easy mode.

The entire game is DPS easy mode in comparison to healing/tanking. We couldn’t have one thing that didn’t make us hate the game?

I would assume that DPS are in huge ques to join toreghast groups and heals/tanks have it easy mode right now so they dont que for groups.

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Torghast was marketed and presented as SOLO content.

If DPS needs a group for it, fix the DPS rather than nerf the healer/tank to force them into groups…for solo content.


Fix priest leggo painbreaker psalm bug plz: Priest: Death and Madness / Painbreaker Psalm

Any plans to shorten the hour and a half Torghast grind? Please god.

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It’s clear to me that you guys are just trying to milk the time people are logged in with these torghast baloney changes.

I’m really unhappy about Torghast and I started by enjoying it quite a bit. Now it is awful and feels like a ridiculous mandatory slog. I haven’t been pushing any alts because of this looming threat.


20% nerf to the best balance legendary.


  • Marksmanship
    • [ With regional restarts ] The damage of Aimed Shot has been reduced by 5%.
    • [ With regional restarts ] The damage of Arcane Shot has been reduced by 5%.

Does this affect Chimera shot as well?


Same still can’t solo a lot of legion raids. Still feels like I’m level 50 trying to solo it.

Just canceled my subscription.

As a 15 yrs’ player for WOW, I play this game for fun, not for torturing. I have spend time in the past 3 weeks to find my way to play, then you don’t like it and make a hotfix to “increase enemy’s health”? You have plenty of time to adjust the number in PTR, you should have them ready before releasing to public. After that, you can still do some minor 5%/10% change, or keep the current one/add new levels with better loot. You can’t simply make it impossible.

As a software engineer who have 10+ yrs’ experience and earn way more than BLZ engineers, I can imagine that a group of PMs/designers who are lack of both game design and software development experience, sitting in one room at Friday afternoon, with pizza and beer, making this “TGIF happy hour” decision.



AN HOUR AND A HALF? Either you’re heavily exaggerating or you’re doin’ something wrong, pal.

20 minutes, tops.

As my Goblin friends say, “Don’t let the door hitcha where the Cataclysm splitcha.

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This is more of an exaggeration than an hour and a half. :roll_eyes:

I have yet to complete a layer 3 or above in less than 45 minutes. There’s just too much trash.


You’re offering no type of constructive feedback. Instead, you come off a fan boy who dismisses any and everything. While I do not agree, the person presented their reasoning and gave an objectional stand point. You, however, have not done so here, or on any of your posts.

With that, are you here solely to “attack” anyone has something out the way toward the game’s development? At this point, judging from your post history, you are just a Blizzard attack dog.


Edit: Turned off post notifications. Not really interested in anything you have to say. You proven yourself to be quite predictable


I can’t speak for every class, every player, or every play style, but I’ve never heard of times like that. Solo, with some guildies, with random people, never taken more than 20-30 minutes. I’ve had a tough go of it with some of the higher tiered bosses, but those were exceptions, not the rule.

I hear tanks do better and ranged DPS do worse, maybe that’s the difference.

Would you have preferred I analyze his play style and give him pointers? It’s a point of view counter to his, that’s all. Settle down.

You think so? I guess you’ll never know.

My anecdotal evidence is:

Warrior tank takes 45-55 minutes to complete a layer 3.
Survival hunter takes 45 minutes to complete a layer 3.
Beast master hunter takes 45 minutes to complete a layer 3.

I know this because I start with a food buff. When I’m done it’s usually at 15m left.

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I agree Sub needed a nerf… But this seems extreme honestly and im not a rogue player… I would like to see prot pally nerfs for pvp and hybrid spec healing reduced. Pallys, shamans and druids are healing for wayyyy to much in pvp atm.

Im ok with crazy burst and quick games. I think that makes arena alot more fun than BFA where every game had to go to dampening just to get a kill.

Well, it’s enough that I’ll take another look at the times. Maybe it’s a matter of perception. Or maybe it just feels like 20-30 minutes and it’s longer? Or maybe I’m a maniac and fly through it fast somehow.