Horrific Visions Updates Coming with Weekly Maintenance


That is the main question, people are asking. It is still unanswered.

More than 5, yes.

Do they STACK?

This is why I’m not pushing to rank-up my cloak, or trying to get the best azerite traits. Ah gets whatever Ah gets, and if that ain’t so much, that’s so much less I’ll miss.

Horrible way to approach the game, but power-per-xpac (for me anyway) really puts a cap on incentive.


I think the math might be off on that ‘increased visions from dailies’ hotfix. Pre-hotfix gave 250, post hotfix gives 325, when it should be 375


Can anyone confirm if vessels stack?

I can confirm that they currently don’t stack. I tried and it just switched the vessels in question.


It was a typo by me. I’m correcting it everywhere. Should be 30%.

They do not.

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What exactly are “main threat” and “lesser threat”? There are assaults in each zone that last 3.5 days each that award 5500. Those are now 2500? And what is “Lesser Threat”? The daily “lesser vision”? I’m confused.

EDIT: Nevermind see Hpellipsis post below.

Yes. I don’t mind doing dailies (I prefer them to WQs), but these kinds of quests are utterly painful. I will ignore them some days simply because I can’t be bothered to waste that much time looking for the items/mobs.

Also, please make the vessels stack.

The rest of the changes are good.

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Weekly gives a vessel and 2500. Bi weekly gives 6500. So it’s gone up 4500 not counting daily quests.

I not like them either. When i stand there, and had a run where i do 2 side areas, and kill the boss and i know i can do it … and just finished the one where u need 4 Torn Pages … then the quest for 6 pops up … a few days later i force myself through that … and the quest with 8 pops … i sit there and :face_vomiting:

Well, frankly if that is the case, then you aren’t the target of these systems anyway.
The reason they are there is to give players dramatic power gains as a reward for competitive and consistent progression.

Choosing to ignore them is frivolous because they are only there for competitive progression, and that mindset can not overlap with yours.

So do whatever you have fun doing, but realize that the appropriate response is to just try to better understand the purpose of the system and prepare for the inevitable power drop as a side effect of engaging power creep.

LMAO my god Blizzard cannot even do hotfixes without making a mess of it.

I’m glad it’s only 30% otherwise we would have been at risk at doing TOO MANY VISIONS! Could you imagine the humanity? Oh god people trying new things and doing the content. Sounds disgusting YUCK!

Edit: Why the hell do we even need a currency to do the visions? Just delete vessels already.


Just curious, why was this changed from 50% today?


How about doing something to help healers solo these damned things, since nobody wants to drag healers through.

Yeah, the fact that the patch has been live this long, and they still haven’t upped the spawn rates for these “get X of Y” quests so that they match the population doing said quests is just ridiculous.


Please make vessels stackable. There’s really no good reason for them not to be.


Oh, thank the GODS. I can finally catch up on a schedule that won’t blow school out of the water. Thank you so much!

Gotta say, I had hope upon logging in after work, that I would reclaim 4 bag slots from being used for Vessels of Horrific Visions. I was rather saddened that, while the Unique tag was removed, the stackability was not added.

Bag space is an utmost premium, one thing that we can barely ever get more of. Why these are not stackable, now that they are not Unique (5) (and even when they were), is beyond me.

Why do you hate our inventory space so much?

EDIT: Alternatively, remove the 25,000 cap on Coalescing VIsions, so we can just leave them in currency-form and just buy Visions as we need them. That would be an even easier fix I would think.