Horrific Visions: Blood or Unholy?

really like your UI. Do you have a link for the setup? If you don’t mind sharing it :slight_smile:

Great video. I’ll watch it again definitely.

Question: Recommended replacement for Conflict and Strife? I’ve been using Nullification Dynamo (Rank 2) in that slot.

I’m not great at PvP and grinding C&S seems like a significant undertaking. Or is there no replacement and the grind is worth it for soloing?

Cheers mate.

Conflict and Strife is worth getting, even if you get yourself to 1400/1500 arena and then just get conq cap once a week to open the chest. You’ll get you 3 tokens a week, means you’ll get your rank 3 after 5 weeks.

Conf and Aegis are pretty much our go to minors, so honestly, just do it.
Null is a really good option in places you need it (ML, Shrine etc) but otherwise the new essence from the raid Symbiotic Presence will probably rank over it.

In short - get Conf and Strife it’s worth it.

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Go unholy.
Route if you have less than a rank 5 cape and orbs.

As Darkmech said, start from the left. Run to the shamans guarding thralls place and murder both.
From there you can go through the drag and murder everything along the way as an unholy. Just avoid the AOE’s on the ground.

From the drag you can go back and help zappyboi near the valley of wisdom.

One thing to remember.

Orbs generate sanity even in combat.
So get out of combat, drop an orb, and keep pulling and killing. It helps you to really save your sanity.

I know you can do this as a blood DK, but its much faster as an unholy.

On the other hand, when you hit rank 6 and begin going into the lost zones…
Blood DK becomes very, very dangerous until higher ilvls. Its too slow.

The valley of Wisdom requires you to clear nearly every single mob before the boss spawns.
Rexxar you can skip trash, its tricky, and the boars he summons drain sanity hella quick if you don’t kill them quickly and as a blood DK you won’t be doing this effectively.

For that, you’ll be doing a circle.
Go through the drag, go kill rexxar, loop back, kill the valley of wisdom boss and then help zappy boi on the way back.


I see people talking about doing rank 6. Is that vision different from the others or are they just clearing more?

Rank six requires clearing an additional (medium) zone, so it’s a bit harder than ranks 1-5.

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Ah. Gonna see if I can do that tonight then. People are saying Garona is the easiest?

I think Broflake said Garona was easier. Dratnos (in video I posted above) seems to think the Valley of Spirits is easier. Might depend on class.

I haven’t done either yet.


Im a 430ilvl Unholy DK so I imagine it won’t be to bad. Just have to learn the pathing and obj.

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Please let us know how it goes so we can all learn from your run.

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So, I did 4 runs on two different DK’s (as frost) and am rank 4 on both. I just killed Thrall each time, it was pretty easy. Sadly, I only got loot once in 8 times through lol and it was a pair of bracers 20 lvls lower than the ones the quest gives …rip

In order to gain a higher rank, don’t I just run it one more time? or does doing the extra content also do that?

To get to rank 5, you just have to kill Thrall again.

Rank 6 requires an additional objective.

Also, the reward system can be a bit confusing. Here is the blue post on it:

Oh, that is easy. I guess the hard part is finding 2k more resources to do so haha.

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I followed that path for my 439 dk and 430 rogue, its easy. Just remember to manage orbs, that is the biggest part. Had flask and food for dk, rogue ran potless for the ego lol. As blood you could pull to the first screen, run to the big faceless in front of second screen and fight everything you have there. Then go kill totems and adds, drop the big boss and circle back for thrall. As long as you dont do too many small pulls you’ll be fine.

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Blood can’t deal with Rexxar’s boars though, the quills eat up quite a bit of sanity so its a DPS check in some ways.
You really don’t need to flask/food this stuff since it scales with your ilvl.
Recently I have noticed they changed some of the mobs. Before I could pull ALL the mobs to Garona’s path, and AOE them down before killing the big guy that guards her.

If you do that and get too far away, the mobs stun you and the stun hits HARD.
So they may have made adjustments at some point.

As I mentioned earlier as well, using an orb out of combat then pulling mobs saves a TON on your sanity.

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I don’t think anything hits hard enough to make blood your best choice. I guess you could pull the entire room in one go as opposed to 2-3 big pulls? But you could get unlucky with stuns/hexes?

Unholy excels at big dick aoe pulls so it might be best to find a group.

Frost feels insanelystrong in these with BOS deleting boss’s and big packs and meme beam. The free death strike heal also makes us feel like gods.

I main blood. My last fore’ into the horrific visions, I pulled the entire drag (nearly died because I was unaware that mobs therein could stun for five second intervals) and managed to kill the boss while having one orb left to use for Thrall.

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Just a reminder, to get the rank 6 upgrade, you only need to clear the bonus objective, I don’t think you actually need to still kill the final boss. That being said, that is what I heard on a YouTube video about the system when it was in Beta - it may have changed since then (like a number of other things).

I did 2 medium objectives + thrall no problem my last run. Didn’t even use the death/sanity res thing, i’ll be going for 1 medium/1 hard and thrall at minimum this next run, though I heard the hard zones aren’t too much worse so may go for 2 medium/1 hard and thrall. Really wasn’t bad at all, I don’t pull optimally and I play pretty safe with my orb use (i pop orbs before a boss if i have half or less sanity), and otherwise pop an orb at 300 and pull mobs to me since the orb is gonna give me sanity while im in it). Unholy feels like the perfect mix of damage and survivability, and the dmg of pets definitely helps when i get stunned etc so that damage is still going out. I did my first few as frost and it felt rough when you’d be stunned and damage basically went to 0. Unholy feels like it has better aoe as well and the 2 stuns definitely help for the caster mobs etc.


How do you have DH horns as a DK? o.0