Horrific Vision

Had an incident in a Horrific Vision last night. We were doing a full clear and I had trouble with my interface keeping me locked into combat and not letting me mount or use portals thus forcing me to keep running behind. This did not set well with the rest of the group resulting in name calling and the assumption that I didn’t know what I was doing. Have had the problem before when questing but first time in a group. Anyway the leader allowed me to finish the clear and then when we got to the chests at the end he/she kicked me so I couldn’t collect, after accusing me of horrible things. Actually , the automated system sent me everything I should have received except the malefic core which they will not mail. My only recourse is to que for N’Zoth and hope it doesn’t take all day. Just feeling sad, discouraged, victimized and deprived of something I worked for by a glitch in the programming and assumptions of others.

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