Horrific Vision - NO LOOT

Look, this is really upsetting I have to submit in tickets twice and submit in bugs and the ticket isn’t even read and get a generic response that neglects exactly what I said.

So, of the group of 4 people who did the Horrific Vision, none of us received loot past the first time. We did this five times and now have held off from doing it a sixth time.

  1. First time, killed Thrall = 420 loot
  2. Second Time, 2 chest, killed Thrall = No Loot
  3. Third Time, 2 chest, , Killed Thrall = No Loot
  4. Fourth Time, 3 chest, Killed Thrall = No Loot
  5. Fifth Time, 3 chest, Killed Thrall = No Loot

So, are you saying that whatever your FIRST run is, that’s the only loot? So, outside of the Mementos and Visions, you get nothing? So the only time to “risk” running is the first and ONLY time you run it per week?

Some clarification would be great as I haven’t seen any explanations outside of what streamers are saying.

I have not received loot from any of the runs on this toon but my priest has been

I got no loot at all from any of my 5 visions and they sent me a very wrong response to a gm ticket that I had to just open another one for its getting very old very fast I want my payment loot!

So if you did 5 Visions, did you receive loot from each chest bonus?

As it was explained…

Zero chest = 1 loot 420
Second Zero chest = No Loot
First 1 chest = 1 loot 430
Second 1 chest = 0 Loot
First 2 chest = 2 loot ???
FIrst 3 chest = Loot
Second 3 chest = No loot
etc etc etc…

I would like some clarification.

i ment my warrior got zero loot besides upgrades for back my priest got loot the 3 visions I did. wasn’t even aware I was suppose to until I saw a video on youtube saying it was broke.

It’s not RNG… You’re supposed to be awarded loot for each step.

I’ll refer you back to my original statement.

You should get gear for 0 chests and killing Thrall.
Then one for 1 chest and then Killing Thrall.
Then one for 2 chest and then Killing Thrall…
Etc etc.

If you 1 chest 4 times you are only supposed to get 1 piece of loot. If you have 0 loot, that is a problem. I’m rank 5 on my cloak, I heard all the big guilds not doing it this week because it’s broken. The assumption is GM’s can’t just “produce” loot, even if none are given. Which, in the history of WoW, wasn’t the case. So maybe that is the problem. Supposedly they can check a kill ID and award loot as they have done in the past.

Same for me, loot from the first chest, no armor from any other chest across 3 characters. It’s either not a bug and just a really poorly thought out system, or its a horrible bug and tons of people have missed out on tons of gear.

Here’s what the CM posted about how it works:

If two or more bonus objectives weren’t done on the other runs, then only the first one would have gotten loot.

Ok, so I’m owed loot and can’t seem to get a response from blizzard. Great. :frowning:

Submit a ticket.

I did, I’m on my second go around because the GM didn’t bother to read I 2 and 3 chested the event.

I did a horrific vision, loot the big chest at the end, loot window comes up. NO LOOT. Leave the vision area back to the chamber of the heart, still not loot. And to make things even more fun the vessel that I had bought to do a second one… GONE. Even put a ticket in. Blizzards answer, well that sucks. We ain’t gonna do squat about it though.

join the group we got jackets.

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