Horriffic Vision : Endless Hunger Totem on a Wall -- really?

was in Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar on 2.27.20 … fury warrior run. pushing cloak from 10 to 11… farming Fear and Flesh and usually picking up a Lost zone on the way. firstly, got DC’d 2X when was in the Valley of Spirits. but finished that zone. then… moving over to the Drag behind Thrall Location in Gromash Hold, was killing the Voidbound Shaman pack when Shaman got a totem cast out. The bug is this : the Endless Hunger Totem was located on the Wall behind the Shaman about 15 units up. i couldn’t attack it or run from it. it kept puliing me up, draining sanity and dropping me. total BS and a bug Bliz has to address. not OK to put mobs on the wall 15 units up that wipe us. + will not let me submit a ticket.

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